These days, it’s not a rare sight to see people playing games on their mobile devices while riding the train or waiting for a bus, or even sneaking in a round or two at work when no one’s looking. It’s understandable that sometimes a worker might need a breather, and a few quick minutes crushing candies, battling monsters, or “farming” on the smartphone could be a great stress reliever. But guess what happens when the whole office is engrossed in games? Somebody shits in their pants.

Or at least that’s what happened at the Liquan County Public Office in Shaanxi Province, China. For real.

A couple recently went to the public office in Liquan County of Shaanxi Province to collect their marriage certificate, but was blatantly ignored by the office’s staff as they were too busy staring at the glowing screens of their mobile gadgets.

According to reports from Chinese paper Du Shi Kuai Bao, the couple waited for nearly an hour, during which time they approached the office workers several times, but were consistently ignored. To make things worse, the bride-to-be reportedly had an upset stomach and a bad case of the runs on that day, and the staff couldn’t even be bothered to answer her simple question of “Where is the toilet?”.

Exasperated, the couple left their seats in search of a restroom, but to no avail. When they returned to the office, they found the office door locked. Unable to calm her churning stomach, the unfortunate bride-to-be pooped. In her pre-marital pants.

▼ A reporter interviews the groom-to-be

As seen in the news segment above, all members in the office were engrossed in their games when the young man approached the counter. In the later part of the video clip, a reporter visited the office a couple of days later, pretending to make an enquiry, but the employee just couldn’t bear to peel her eyes off her phone that day either.

Reports say that the county office has penalized the staff involved in this humiliating incident with a one-month suspension, and will observe behavior to decide if further action needs to be taken. They have also sent their apologies to the couple.

We tried to find a bright side to this story, but the only thing that came to mind was the fact that at least the bride-to-be wasn’t in her wedding gown at the time of her unfortunate accident.

Source/Image: ETToday