That’s not sweat in that bottle….

During the hot summer, Japan’s wide variety of drinks from vending machines is a godsend. They have everything, whether you’re craving a can of dashi fish broth, or drinking something out of a mayonnaise jar.

One drink that you will not find in Japan’s vending machines, however, is urine.

Unfortunately that’s what nearly happened to one woman in Hyogo Prefecture’s Kobe City on July 28 and August 2, when she opened the office refrigerator to find that her drink bottle had been tampered with by someone putting pee into it.

The woman regularly kept her drinks in the fridge, so when she went to get the bottle, she noticed that something was off about its color and smell. After reporting it to her company, and a having an inner office investigation carried out, it was found out that a man had been seen carrying around her bottle earlier.

When questioned, the man confessed, saying that he did it because he “liked her.”

The suspect in question was a 24-year-old unemployed man who had done temp work at the same company as the woman. His affections were one sided, and after he was arrested under charges of stalking on August 27, he was fired from his position.

▼ What he expected to happen vs. what actually happened.

According to police, the suspect admitted to the charges, saying, “I definitely put urine in her drink bottle.” However he also claims that he “has no memory of August 2nd.”

Why he would admit to the crime on day but not the other is not clear, but the one thing that we’re thankful for is that on both days, the woman did not drink any of the liquid or put her mouth on the bottle.

Japanese netizens were uniformly disgusted:

“I put drink bottles in my office’s fridge, so I’m gonna be careful from here on.”
“I’m always shocked at the new levels of depravity some guys are capable of.”
“That is so gross.”
“I don’t understand what he hoped would happen.”
“Wasn’t there someone who put their saliva in someone’s drink too?”

Saliva, fecal matter — giving out unwanted bodily fluids is unfortunately a thing that keeps happening. Let’s hope that the people who attend idol concerts begging them to spit water into their mouths can understand that, usually, it’s not something desired by other people.

Source: Kobe Shinbun via My Game News Flash
Top image: Pakutaso
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