Anyone who has boarded an airplane has probably gone through all the typical scanning and beeping, and some of you might have even gotten a pat down before being allowed to board the plane. But how many of you have been checked for the contents in your pants?

A little boy was stopped for inspection at the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport due to an unnatural bulge and movement in the crotch of his pants. What could it be?!

On 29 August, an inspection officer at the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport in China stopped an eight-year-old at the pre-boarding inspections because he spotted a strange bulge in the boy’s pants. And that bulge seemed to be moving.

When the officer asked the boy, Cong-cong, if he was hiding anything in his underwear, the boy frantically put his hands over his crotch, obviously trying to hide something. The boy’s grandmother who was travelling together with him immediately told Cong-cong to cooperate with the officer and take out whatever he was hiding, but that only worked to make the boy’s defensive mechanism kick in.

Looking at her grandson’s reaction, the elderly lady suddenly asked the boy, “Don’t tell me you put the tortoise in your underwear. Let grandma take a look!”, causing a small frenzy at the scene. The inspection officer quickly tugged on the boy’s trousers, and a tortoise’s head peeked out from inside Cong-cong’s briefs.


Thankfully, the officer found the tortoise before the boy suffered any injuries from having a living creature moving about against his crotch. Apparently, Cong-cong’s grandma had told him repeatedly that he could not bring his pet along with him, telling him to leave it behind, but the boy just couldn’t bear to be separated with his pet tortoise, and attempted to smuggle it onboard by hiding it in the “safest place” he could think of.

While grandma was busy thanking the officer for discovering the smuggled pet before Cong-cong got bitten by it, the boy had broken down into tears at the possibility of having to part ways with his dear pet. The inspection officers kindly offered to take the tortoise in custody until Cong-cong’s parents came to pick it up.

Boys and girls, be sure to follow boarding regulations and don’t hide anything in your pants or anywhere else if you don’t wish to be stopped at the inspection gantry!

Source/Image: ETToday