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OK Go, the alternative rock band who blew us away with their unique treadmill choreography in the music video for their 2006 hit Here It Goes Again, have come out with an even more impressive video, this time featuring dozens of Japanese girls, a drone and a motorised unicycle from Honda.

Filmed in Japan and inspired by the group’s trip to the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo, this latest music video was released on October 27 and has already reached close to two million views on YouTube. Check out the video after the break to see just how awesome these boys can be when they team up with a leading director and choreographer from Japan.

After beginning with a hearty “onegai shimasu!”, the boys demonstrate some impressive dance moves on the motorised scooter, known as the Uni-Cub Beta from Honda. When product placement like this helps pay for your video production costs, it’s a win-win for both parties.

OK Go 2

Santa might want to start familiarising himself with the Honda catalogue because we suspect he’ll be getting a few requests for a Uni-Cub this Christmas.

OK Go 3

After the foursome heads outside, the camera rises into the air, at which point we realise this is being filmed with a camera attached to a drone. To be exact, this is an octocopter especially designed by Honda for the music video.

OK Go 4

And out come the Japanese girls, dressed of course in schoolgirl attire. The entire video was filmed in one shot and at heights of up to 700 metres.

OK Go 6

OK Go 7

Honda shows off their multi-copter technology throughout the video, with the drone moving smoothly and quickly from high angles to low angles.

OK Go 8

Four foreign boys grooving in an ocean of Japanese girls. It’s like a tourism ad for Japan, only with cooler music.

OK Go 9

Dozens of Honda unicycles were used in the shoot. The girls show just how easy it is to ride and manoeuvre them into precise positions.

OK Go 11

In true military precision, hundreds of dancers line up with umbrellas to form an amazing display of changing graphics.

OK Go 12

OK Go 13

OK Go 14

We can’t imagine how many hours of practice went into perfecting this routine, which ends with “OK Go” and “I won’t let you down” written in both English and Japanese. No, boys, you haven’t let us down. And we can’t wait to see where you take us to next!

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Source: Narinari.com