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Recent studies have warned that, for all their convenience and the social interaction they allow, our mobile devices and anywhere, any time wireless internet access could potentially be hazardous to our health. But what if you just can’t bear to power down your iPhone, tablet, laptop or games console?

If you’re in need of a getaway, and want to assure yourself that the negative effects of your array of gadgetry will be entirely offset by your relaxing surroundings, there’s probably no better place than this luxurious beach villa on the Thai island resort of Ko Samui, which is fitted with pretty much every modern convenience from iPad-controlled shutters to remote-operated pool thermostats and top-of-the-range cooking equipment – available to rent for a cool US$650 a night.

Join us after the break for a photo tour.

With warm waters and beautiful white sandy beaches, Ko Samui attracts roughly 1.5 million visitors each year. With an average high of 32.5 degrees C (91 F) and a comparatively short rainy season, it’s easy to see why the tiny island is so popular.

If you’re a tech-head, though, there may be one more reason to visit. For $650 per night, this luxury three-bedroom beachfront villa can be yours.

Check out these gorgeous photos.

▼ The open-plan lounge-cum-dining area with surrounding decking

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▼A spacious kitchen with plenty of gadgets to tinker with

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▼ There’s even a Japanese-style teppan hotplate. Who’s up for okonomiyaki!?

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▼ Step / glide / roll into your private pool

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▼ Or take in stunning panoramic views from an outdoor lounger

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▼ Need an afternoon nap? Head indoors to the master bedroom

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▼ But don’t forget to wash the sea salt off in your enormous tub first

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▼ And if you get bored with the house, there’s always this I suppose…

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And let’s not forget, while all of this looks incredibly tempting, there’s also ample opportunity to geek out and squander your entire holiday by playing with the included gadgetry or constantly updating your Facebook status with photos of yourself having a great time.

Inside the villa you’ll also find:

–  a 46″ 3-D Smart Samsung TV
– fibre optic cable TV
– high-speed fibre optic internet connection
– wi-fi, of course
– remote-operated blinds and shutters
– remote-operated air conditioning
– Samsung 3-D Blu-ray player
– Yamaha 2 Zone Receiver JLB Air Play docking station

Oh, and you can even hire a private chef to come over and cook for you.

Head over to Home Away now for more info and, if you’ve got the cash, to make a reservation. That is, if there are any availabilities after our writing team sells everything they own to stay there for the next six months…

Source: Home Away via Business Insider
Images: Home Away