Japanese prison will become luxury hotel managed by country’s premier resort company

Hoshinoya Nara Prison’s guests’ stays will be shorter and more comfortable than Nara Prison’s occupants’ were.

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We receive first-class treatment for economy-class prices at First Cabin Hakata hotel

Ever wanted to fly first-class but could never afford it? Here’s the next best thing (on the ground).

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Japanese sightseeing train offers amazing luxury…for prices starting at 1.3 million yen per room

Multi-day journeys are both an elegant and an expensive way to see the wonders of Kyushu.

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We visit a place where you can rent a private sauna room, achieve the height of relaxation

A private, customizable space that’s all yours for up to 100 minutes!

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7 Halloween-themed afternoon teas you won’t want to miss this year

If you love both pretty and spooky things, then you’ll undoubtedly find something you’ll love in here!

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We try a Tokyo luxury hotel’s fancy Cup Noodle buffet items, eat best curry noodles of our lives

If you’ve ever wondered what fancy dishes with instant noodles would look like, look no further than the Keio Plaza Hotel!

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Host club royalty Roland demonstrates his night-time routine, claims it’s not dissimilar to yours

Japan’s infamous host shows off his down-to-earth night-time regimen and his luxurious home.

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Chuka Zanmai instant ramen offering ultra luxurious limited-edition two-meal seat for $50

Ever wanted to try instant shark-fin noodle soup?

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Exclusive hand-painted Louis Vuitton-Azur Lane secret collaboration project mystifies netizens

That is one amazing custom-made luxury bag.

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What it’s like inside a $3,000 a night Japanese hotel room 【Video】

The palatial room can be found at a hotel that accommodates the Japanese Emperor on his travels.

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Easter goes high-end with amazing chocolate egg from luxury brand Bulgari! [Pics]

This definitely is no ordinary Easter egg!  

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We celebrate “Toilet Day” in Japan with a visit to a public toilet worth 100 million yen

With lavishly decorated gold-painted ceilings, a flowing brook and a Japanese style bridge, this is one of the most stylish places to do your business in Japan.

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Tokyo’s crazy-luxurious obstetrics clinic delivers babies with service fit for a queen 【Pics】

Well, fit for a 19th-century empress, to be precise.

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Is Kumamoto City surpassing Tokyo as the fashion capital of Japan?

Kumamoto City, the capital of the Kyushu prefecture of the same name, has always been in a bit of an awkward position. It doesn’t really have the metropolitan appeal of Tokyo, or the world-famous nature and hot springs of northern Japan, or even the tropical island allure of Okinawa. Plus, it’s a heck of a long way away from the capital. So why would someone decide to visit Kumamoto?

The answer just might be fashion. For the past several years, Kumamoto has steadily been building itself up as the fashion capital of Japan. Now, it’s come to the point where some would say that if you want to see the future of Japan’s fashion, don’t look at Tokyo, but look at Kumamoto instead.

Has Tokyo, the fashion king of Japan, finally been dethroned?

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New Japanese luxury bus tour seats only 10 passengers, tickets cost over US$1,200 each

How do you picture being transported to your fantasy vacation spot? A giant cruise ship? A seat in the first-class section of a jumbo jet? How about… a bus?

Not quite sure about that last one? Well the Japanese company Isetan Mitsukoshi Travel is trying to change your mind by offering luxury bus rides from Tokyo to all over Japan. And we’re not exaggerating with the use of the word luxury here: each bus seats only 10 people, and the ticket will cost you around 150,000 yen (US$1,211).

Can such a price tag possibly be worth it? Read on to find out!

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Chinese woman removes her bra in public at a luxury appraisal event in Beijing

As reported by China Youth Daily and Shanghaiist, during another typical day in Beijing, a woman whipped off her bra and handed it to a man in public. Wait, what??

You might think that this kind of erratic behavior means she was participating in some kind of women’s rights demonstration, or felt like getting a super early head start protesting the next World Cup like these other Chinese women did earlier this summer. But actually, the real purpose for her ‘liberation’ was for a completely unrelated reason–to prove that she was indeed the owner of a luxury item.

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Ginza is a fancy place…just look at the elevators!

The Ginza area of Tokyo is by far the ritziest of all of Japan’s districts. With stores such as Chanel, Cartier and Bulgari (not to mention an extremely overpriced bar staffed by former and current porn stars), you’re going to have to have a lot of yen in your pockets if you want to do more than window shop and people watch. Yes, there are exceptions and cheap eats to be found nestled amongst the luxury items, but overall, Ginza is dominated by fancy things. Just look at the elevators…

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“Siri, my champagne’s getting warm!” Stunning Thai villa combines technology and beach living

Recent studies have warned that, for all their convenience and the social interaction they allow, our mobile devices and anywhere, any time wireless internet access could potentially be hazardous to our health. But what if you just can’t bear to power down your iPhone, tablet, laptop or games console?

If you’re in need of a getaway, and want to assure yourself that the negative effects of your array of gadgetry will be entirely offset by your relaxing surroundings, there’s probably no better place than this luxurious beach villa on the Thai island resort of Ko Samui, which is fitted with pretty much every modern convenience from iPad-controlled shutters to remote-operated pool thermostats and top-of-the-range cooking equipment – available to rent for a cool US$650 a night.

Join us after the break for a photo tour.

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The world’s most expensive tissues? Might as well wipe your boogers on a $100 bill!

The Japanese paper company Daishowa First has announced their newest high-quality product: a tissue box containing soft and luxurious tissues of 12 different hues. The product is named ‘Juunihitoe‘, a traditional Japanese word that refers to a twelve-layered ceremonial kimono worn by a court lady. It’s a fittingly regal name for something that will probably only be bought by A-list celebs with too much money on their hands. We don’t all have 100 dollars to drop on our snot-catchers, do we?!

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Luxury restroom in Chinese department store the envy of Japanese shopaholics

With seemingly endless stories appearing online about shoddy electronics, blood-red rivers and food products that could put their consumer six feet under, China gets a bad rap sometimes. True, this writer may well have wandered into some of the most poorly kept public restrooms that he has ever seen during a brief stay in the country a few years ago, but there is also plenty of luxury to be enjoyed in China.

Even with my six-figure salary, though, I have a feeling I’d be politely turned away should I even come within 50 feet of the swanky restrooms in this particular Chinese department store.

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