We try pork nigiri sushi

Tokyo Ramen Marion, a small ramen shop in the Kita Ward of Tokyo, has a menu item that outshines its namesake dish. That item is the chashu pork nigiri sushi, made to resemble the sushi that is almost always made with fish. Our reporter took a trip out to see what this unusual food was all about and came back with a full belly and a completely new view of Japan’s most famous dish.

As you might be able to tell from the pictures, the pork is incredibly tender, on the verge of melting, and is placed on top of rice. No, the pork is actually perfectly integrated with the rice bottom. It only costs 320 yen (US$3.13) for three, so it’s the perfect thing to order on the side of a bowl of ramen.

We try pork nigiri sushi2

Our reporter took his first bite and was filled with a sudden rush of happiness. The flavor was pleasantly friendly and the essence of the meat filled his mouth as if it had become liquid and entangled with the vinegared rice, creating a completely new flavor. He had expected the taste to be overly rich, but that wasn’t the case.

If you are able to, our reporter recommends stopping by this wonderful ramen shop and ordering a big bowl of noodles with a side of pork sushi. The soy sauce-base soup with its lingering, somewhat sharp aftertaste and tender noodles brings a kick of umami. Adding in the pork nirigi sushi to the mix brings a flavor so good, you’ll just have to wait to enjoy for yourself.

Tokyo Ramen Marion
Address: 東京都北区中十条3-18-1
Hours: 18:00 – 25:00
Closed: Sunday

Images: RocketNews24
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