You’ve seen his antics on our pages for years now, and he’s always our go-to guy when there’s a mission that the rest of us simply aren’t brave enough to undertake. We’re talking, of course, about our loveable, adventurous, charming, sometimes frightening in-house reporter Mr. Sato.

But did you know, dear reader, that Mr. Sato actually has a twin brother!? Just look at that photo–we bet you’d struggle to say which of the two is our reporter and which is the brother!

On this momentous occasion (we swore he was pulling our leg about being a twin all this time!) we sat our reporter down and, for the first time in his life, interviewed him to find about his life as a twin.

RN24: So, you really are a twin. But which of you was born first?

Mr. Sato: I was told that I was the first to enter the world.

RN24: What line of work is your brother in?

Mr. Sato: He works in the paint and coatings industry.

RN24: What character traits or mannerisms do you think you guys share?

Mr. Sato: Everything. The way we approach things is different, but our goals are more or less the same. (Well, that’s how we were anyway. These days we lead quite different lives, so there are probably small differences…)

RN24: Are there any times when you think, “I’m glad I was born a twin!”? Have you ever benefitted from it?

Mr. Sato: Being a twin gets you more friends. When I meet my brother’s friends, they always behave warmly towards me right off the bat – it’s easy to become friends with them! Most of my memories, from kindergarten to student life, I share with my brother. As the years go by we have more and more interesting stories to tell. I think that’s something that only twins can experience.

Honestly, we can still hardly believe it’s true…

Photo: RocketNews24