It’s a little known yet unsurprising fact that Mr. Sato loves a nice bowl of potato chips. However, much to the chagrin of his colleagues, he loves them so much that he begins to flail his limbs around wildly when he gets some.

After brushing the crumbs off the keyboards and shopping around online, the rest of the RocketNews24 staff found Gyro Bowl. For only 2,480 yen (US$24) this German-engineered bowl boasts a full 360° of spill prevention. All that combined with Mr. Sato’s inherent love of orange spinny stuff made this purchase a no-brainer. When the bowl arrived it was time to fire up the cameras and see how Gyro Bowl held up to Mr. Sato’s chip dance of joy.

It was Tuesday, so of course our reporter was dressed up like Funasshi, the jiggly pear-like mascot. We put some salted chips with ruffles into a Gyro Bowl and set it on the counter for him to discover. Funasshi-Sato found it, swatted it with his paw a few times and picked it up. It was time for the dance.

Usually that spectacle would result in flakes of fried potato in everyone’s hair and even up in the sconces of the RocketNews24 office. But thanks to Gyro Bowl, it all stayed safely in Mr. Sato’s possession. Our bright-yellow reporter was also impressed saying, “I think children everywhere would want one of these… But not this one… This is MINE.”

Source: Rmore.jp (Japanese)