Mr. Sato

The most expensive fish sausage we could find in Tokyo divides our opinions, empties our wallet

When you send Mr. Sato out to do the shopping, sometimes he comes back with something crazy.

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SoraNews24’s sexy men’s calendar, with loincloth Mr. Sato, is on sale now!【Photos】

A sneak peek at the hottest thing to come out of Japan this winter!

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Mr Sato’s Xmas Challenge: Assemble a Christmas tree in 30 seconds

Sure, he can eat a mountain of food in minutes, but how will Mr Sato cope with decorating the office in seconds?

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Sato Style: Our ace reporter gets a fashion makeover at Tokyo’s most colorful menswear shop【Pics】

SoraNews24’s Mr. Sato is no ordinary guy, and so no ordinary clothes will do.

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A visit to Tokyo’s fanciest coffeehouse for a 16,200 yen (US$143) bottle of coffee【Pics】

This Ginza cafe treats its coffee like fine wine, so we sent Mr. Sato to sample a vintage.

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Mr. Sato meets with a fan from Peru, shares his origin story and dreams of South American fame

A visitor from the other side of the world wanted to know how Mr. Sato became the man he is today.

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Finding some mind-boggling products from the dark corners of Akihabara

Mr. Sato buys a mysterious Exhaustion Removal Sheet from an Akihabara junk shop.

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Mr. Sato gorges on Michelin-quality dim sum for his birthday, eats like a king for cheap

Warning: This article will make you hungry.

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Mr. Sato tries a unique method to compellingly call in sick to work【Video】

Some people bend over backwards at work. Others bend over backwards to get out of work.

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This ISN’T what a US$100 Tokyo sushi lunch looks like. It’s what a US$200 one looks like!

An ordering mistake sends SoraNews24’s Mr. Sato soaring into the bliss of his most rarified lunch ever as he learns there’s one sushi restaurant where not all omakase are the same.

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SoraNews24 hits Tokyo’s biggest Halloween party dressed as one of Japan’s most popular characters

Mr. Sato takes our team to Shibuya’s Halloween bash, but not before setting us up with coordinated kawaii costumes.

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Taste-testing Japan’s crazy-expensive 3,240-yen (US$29) persimmon

We bought one of Japan’s shockingly expensive gift fruits as a gift for ourselves.

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Posters of SoraNews24 ace reporter Mr. Sato appear in one of Tokyo’s busiest train stations【Pics】

Mr. Sato isn’t a doctor, but he plays one in these posters.

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We buy a $10 grilled cheese sandwich from this weird shop in Harajuku

We also had to cook it ourselves.

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Does instant noodles cooked with rice make super noodle rice?

Just because two things taste great, doesn’t mean they always taste great together.

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Mr. Sato finally experiences the zenith of bottom-wiping with 5,000 yen luxury toilet paper

Can luxury toilet paper really be worth the exorbitant price tag? Mr. Sato orders some of the finest on the market to try it out.
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It looks like a block of wood, but that’s one of Japanese cooking’s most important ingredients

Mr. Sato tries his hand at grating his own katsuobushi, and explains why you should too.

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We investigate the “secret menu” at Tendon Tenya: vegetable tempura for 210 yen?!

Mr. Sato knows a cheap way to chow down on Japan’s flaky fried food rice bowls, so he shared the trick with all of us!
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Our writers band together to take on a 15-pound “All-Topping-Curry” from Coco Ichi

We learn the true meaning of friendship and heartburn.

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We try to destroy Japan’s sturdiest eyeglasses with the power of Mr. Sato’s butt【Video】

Can Mr. Sato succeed where an entire team of sexy bar hostesses failed?

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