Mr. Sato

Which Japanese chain has the best hot dog: Mos Burger, Subway, Tully’s, or Mister Donut?

You might be surprised at our winning wiener.

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The Gentleman’s Cheese Beef Bowl, invented by Mr. Sato

Opulence, thy name is The Gentleman’s Cheese Beef Bowl.

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Japanese burger chain Freshness Burger completely ignores tsukimi season in favor of…mushrooms?

Is mushroom season an acceptible substitute for tsukimi season? We find out!

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Can a plant-based restaurant serving Buddhist meals turn meat-loving Mr. Sato into a vegetarian?

It turns out plant-based can be healthy and tasty!

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Seattle burger chain Lil Woody’s has arrived in Tokyo! But is it any good?【Taste Test】

Mr. Sato utilizes his sophisticated palate to determine whether Lil Woody’s is worth the hype. 

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One of Tokyo’s low-key best rooftop views is about to disappear, so see it while you can【Photos】

Mr. Sato visit the beautiful skies of a Tokyo rooftop most travelers have never heard of.

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Japanese pizza chain opens stand at Tokyo station platform

Never-before-seen branch makes it easier than ever to eat pizza, but is it any good?

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Where to buy a Curry Bread Grand Prix 2023 award-winning karepan in Japan

An unlikely place to get a curry bread, let alone a prize-winning one. 
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Mr. Sato has a life-changing experience at this revolving sushi restaurant in Tokyo

Like sushi on a conveyor belt, the hands of time continue to turn.

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Maybe Japanese pilgrims were right about beating the heat all along

Mr. Sato scores a nice hat trick.

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We eat at a brand new pasta shop with all-you-can-eat tofu run by one of our favorite restaurants

They exclusively serve fancy Japanese-style pasta dishes at this restaurant, and the tofu is made in-house!

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Godiva Dessert joins the cute crepe game in Harajuku

There’s a new sweets store in town, with a luxury chocolate crepe you can’t get anywhere else. 

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What is a Butter Manju? We try one from this mega popular Tokyo dessert shop

Turns out there’s a reason why this shop always has lines of customers!

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Mr. Sato tries monjayaki for the first time, goes all in with new “innovative” European flavors

How do European flavors combine with a traditional Japanese dish?

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Tokyo bread wholesaler Tobu Pan Chokubaisho’s yummy bread makes Mr. Sato want to live next door

In particular, an uncommon find from his childhood will never go stale in his mind.
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Is this Tokyo eatery’s 150-year-old pickled octopus recipe worth the hype? We find out 【Taste test】

Will it be extra delicious or run-of-the-mill?

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How to properly eat a traditional Japanese tonkatsu meal

A lesson in etiquette to help guide you through the way of the tonkatsu.

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Mr. Sato indulges in some trendy late-night ice cream at this specialty store

Japan’s latest sweets trend finally reaches Mr. Sato’s neighborhood!

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We stop by the first-ever Fender Flagship store in Tokyo for a ham sandwich

These sandwiches have some good action.

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Intersect by Lexus Tokyo serves a shaved ice dessert that requires flame to eat it

There’s a secret dessert hiding inside this Japanese flagship store.

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