Throughout his long career as an animator and manga artist, Hayao Miyazaki has created a particular style and theme throughout his works that have inspired an untold number of younger artists. However, what if Miyazaki himself had been influenced by some of the other popular series to come out of Japan, like Dragon Ball Z or Sailor Moon?

Brian Murphy and Patrick Cassels from College Humor have dreamt up exactly such scenarios by combining anime hits like Pokémon with Miyazaki classics such as Spirited Away in an animated short titled: If Miyazaki Films Were Like Other Anime. And it’s truly glorious.

First up is My Neighbor Totoro which reaches its climax as Mei excitedly brings Satsuki to see her new friend just when he was about to become a Super-Totoro. Next, an indignant Totoro unleashes a fully-charged whimsy bomb on Catbus.

Moving on to 2008’s Ponyo, a despondent teen Sosuke wishes Ponyo were human. She agrees and the transformation begins!

Cue nosebleed.

In Murphy and Cassels’ new reality, Miyazaki kept his war elements of Howl’s Moving Castle that weren’t in the original book. However, he also included anime’s greatest tool in conflict resolution: a giant robot made of other robots.

Meanwhile, in Spirited Away, young Sen is getting bossed around by Yubaba and wishes she could escape. Just then, a tuxedo and mask-wearing guy with no face reminds her that she has the Pure Prism Beaming Crystal Wisdom Gem of Hope, and the transformation begins! Why ever didn’t she think of that before!?

Finally, in Princess Mononoke, San shows Ashitaka the majestic Deer God and right away he’s gotta catch it! Choosing Porco Rosso, Ash easily pokéballs the Great Forest Spirit.

Then a wild corrupted Okkoto appears and ensnares San.

Cue nosebleed.

There you have it. Logic would dictate that by combining the legendary work of Hayao Miyazaki with some of Japan’s most legendary commercial successes you would have animation the likes of which the world has never seen… just like adding the refreshing taste of water with the sleek usefulness of oil!

Source: College Humor
Video: YouTube – Immortal Doom