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Any military force in the world is sure to be filled with young, healthy, fit men and women, which also happens to be the perfect recipe for creating super sexy humans–especially if you happen to have a thing for uniforms. So, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that this month will see the release of two photo books and a pair of DVDs from the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force: One pair dedicated to their sexy men and the other dedicated to their beautiful women.

And unlike the JSDF’s 2014 photo calendar, you can expect to find nothing but real enlisted men and women in these books–including the JSDF’s only professional singer Yukari Miyake.

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The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) books will go on sale on May 12, but are available for pre-oder on Amazon now. Depicted doing everything from piloting aircraft to showing off their swim trunks to wielding bayonets and rifles, 39 men and 21 women will appear in the two volumes. DVDs matching the books will be released on May 23 as well. Plans to turn the JSDF into a tarento recruitment agency have not been announced yet, but we’re expecting word from high command any day now.

▼More disciplined than AKB48…

jmsdf (2)

▼And much, much easier on the eyes than SMAP.

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Both of the photo books will resale for 1,944 yen (about US$20) on Amazon, while the DVDs can be had for 2,765 yen (around $28). Or, if you’re really feeling like a fanboy and/or fangirl, you can go crazy and get all books and DVDs for 6,653 yen (about $67). Unfortunately, even buying all four items at once won’t get you into any high-five parties with JSDF recruits. You’ll have to sneak onto a base to do that–but don’t worry, we’re sure they’ll be glad to see you!

▼Nothing says “High five me!” like that proud brow.

jmsdf (11)

▼”Captain! High fives needed off the port bow!”

jmsdf (6)

▼We’re starting to think these photos are staged.
No one should look that happy stirring a giant pot of anything.

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The women’s book will feature photos of Yukari Miyake, the JSDF’s only professional singer. Yukari, who is a soprano and a graduate of the Nihon University College of Art’s music department, is the only member of the JMSDF to be enlisted for vocal performance. She tours and sings with the Japan Maritime Self-Dense Force Band Tokyo–and does a stellar job of it as well. You can check out one of her performances in the video below.

▼And now you know why she’s considered the JMSDF’s “diva.”
Beyonce and Madonna have nothing on this songstress!

In addition to showing off the personnel hard at work in their uniforms, the books and DVDs will provide interviews with the recruits and offer glimpses into the off-duty lives of these sexy men and women. We can’t imagine that their days off are that much different from ours, but then again our working days don’t involve automatic rifles.

▼Oh, how we wish knee-high socks were part of the uniform…

jmsdf (8)

▼…we bet this pilot would look ravishing in them!

jmsdf (12)

jmsdf (10)

We’re not entirely sure who these products are targeting, though the JSDF also has a fan club (because reasons), so there’s obviously some kind of demand. If nothing else, they would make for some great (awkward?) belated Mother’s Day presents.

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