If you’ve ever been to Japan, you’ll have probably seen first-hand just how well the people here manage to make any time nap time. Whether it’s on public transport, in the office, or even in the classroom, there’s certainly no holding back when it comes to getting in a bit of shut-eye.

Mitsubishi Paper Mills Ltd. is tapping into the huge market of public sleepers with a new product for those who want to save face while shutting out the rest of the world at the same time. While it’s an efficient way to hide your gaping mouth and nap-time dribble, the company is actually claiming there are many unique beauty and health benefits to wearing this dome on your head.

If you’re thinking this looks just like a paper bag, well, you’re not entirely wrong. Not only is the product made from a non-woven fabric, the original design was actually borne from the president’s encounter with a paper bag after an evening on the drink.

Lying on the floor of his home looking for some warmth, he apparently saw a paper bag nearby and slipped it over his head. Upon waking the next morning, he felt better than normal. He was warm and clear-headed, he had no dry morning throat and even his skin looked good, he purports.


After looking into it, the president found that incubating your head actually increases blood flow through the body, which is a great way to keep your feet warm. The health and beauty benefits come from the increased humidity levels created by breathing inside the enclosed space. It’s like a built-in humidifier and face-steamer in one!


But that’s not all. The company claims that wearing its My Dome hood helps to protect you from allergies created by pollen and house dust.


Since the original design was released on October 2013, only 1,000 units or so have been sold. However, the portable and compact My Dome Pal was released in December, and since then some hotels and ANA flights have included it as a first-class amenity item which is said to be rousing consumer interest.

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The ergonomic design and colour variations make this a more comfortable and appealing option than a brown paper bag.


With customer reviews ranging from “My toes were so warm I didn’t have to wear socks”, to “My dry skin has improved” and “My hair is much easier to manage in the morning”, we might just have to see if we can grab one of these for an exclusive review.


Until then, we’ll be keeping our eyes open for possible sightings of the My Dome Pal in the public arena. If you do see one, be sure to let us know!

Source: Nikkei Trendy Net 
Images: Amazon Japan Ring