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Football, or soccer if you will, is sometimes accused of being a dull spectator sport on account of the limited number of goals that are often scored in games and its propensity to end in stalemate.

But for every 10 minutes of dull passing, frustrating off-sides and tedious throw-ins, there’s usually at least one moment of heart-racing sporting magic to be had, and this amazingly cheeky goal scored yesterday by J-League team Kyoto Sanga FC against Yokohama FC undoubtedly provided plenty of entertainment value for supporters of both sides.

Barely a minute before the end of the first half, Kyoto Sanga were awarded an indirect free kick. Yokohama’s players dutifully formed a wall of defence, and the referee blew his whistle signalling for attacking Kyoto to make their move.

Rather than simply tapping the ball to a teammate and trying for goal, however, Kyoto tried something a little more creative to confuse their opponents:

Not one…


Not two…


Not three…


But four dummy kickers!


Before defender Yōsuke Ishibitsu drove the ball into the back of the net.

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▼ Manager Valdeir Vieira looked pretty thrilled with the goal, too.

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Check out the goal in motion in the video below. That’s got to be worth the price of admission, surely?

Update: Unfortunately, the original video was removed, but thanks to our readers we have a new source and this article has been updated. Thanks, guys!

Source/screenshots: YouTube