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A very common scene in Asian dramas and movies is where the doting parent or significant other fetches an ear pick and starts poking away in the other person’s ears. This event is commonplace in Asian families for reasons ranging from “it’s a lover’s ritual” to simply “I need to get that earwax out of your ear” (BTW: The earwax of Europeans and Africans is apparently different to the earwax of Asians and Native Americans).

Typically, the person getting their ears cleaned has their head in the other person’s lap, their eyes closed, enjoying the ear pick getting to places a finger can never reach. And it turns out that our ever-curious furry feline friends have taken notice of this relaxing event and have decided that they too want their ears cleaned.

And what’s even stranger is, they seem to like it!

Although most cats take perfectly good care of their ears and need no help from us humans, cleaning a cat’s ears is a fairly common practice in some countries. Infections, bugs, and allergies, all result in the need of a q-tip and ear cleaning solution.

Many owners, though, are afraid of doing this for their feline friends. “What if I hurt them?!” they ask. “What if they hurt me!?” If anyone has tried to clip a cat’s claws out-of-the-blue, they’ll know what we’re talking about.

But here’s the thing: it turns out that some cats actually like getting their ears cleaned!

The description of the above video is, “Cookie’s regular ear cleaning. Our cat really looks like he’s feeling good!”

“Our cat Fusawo. Just like our children, Fusawo peacefully lets us clean his ears. The inside is very crusty, but he patiently waits until the end!”

These are certainly not the only videos of this phenomenon either. It just goes to show that cats are willing to put up with a lot of stuff, and as you can see, using a q-tip to clean up their ears isn’t crossing the line! Now if only cats would come every time we called them, and not only when they felt like it…

Source: Zaeega
Video: YouTube (横山朝洋), YouTube (伊沢浩美)
Images: RocketNews24