Mysterious guest house opens in Kyoto, features 11 different bizarre rooms full of oddities

Includes a room where you can adjust its “scare factor” and one that lets you speak with the deceased.

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We venture out of our comfort zone with fried chicken and hamburger-flavored instant noodles

Will the world’s most famous fast foods pair well with cup ramen?

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Vending machine in Kumamoto to offer delicious insect snacks, let you munch them on the go

Supplementing your diet with an alternative protein source will be easier than ever.

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Newest virtual YouTuber is actually a rotting zombie with a cute voice, has a slug for a pet

Believe it or not, this undead YouTuber is actually bad at dealing with spooky stuff.

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Man revives woman with AED, branded a “pervert” for removing her clothes to apply electrode pads

A man in Japan says he was questioned by police and branded a “pervert” after providing emergency medical assistance to a stranger. The man was attending to a woman who had been involved in a traffic accident when he believes someone who saw him cutting through the woman’s clothes to apply a defibrillator to her bare chest called the police and reported him for behaving inappropriately.

An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) analyses the rhythm of the heart and, if necessary, delivers an electrical shock to help it return to normal. AEDs are provided in public places and are designed to be operated by members of the public, even those with no medical background. The man is now calling for better understanding of the correct use of AEDs.

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These cats have a new favorite pastime: Getting their ears cleaned【Video】

A very common scene in Asian dramas and movies is where the doting parent or significant other fetches an ear pick and starts poking away in the other person’s ears. This event is commonplace in Asian families for reasons ranging from “it’s a lover’s ritual” to simply “I need to get that earwax out of your ear” (BTW: The earwax of Europeans and Africans is apparently different to the earwax of Asians and Native Americans).

Typically, the person getting their ears cleaned has their head in the other person’s lap, their eyes closed, enjoying the ear pick getting to places a finger can never reach. And it turns out that our ever-curious furry feline friends have taken notice of this relaxing event and have decided that they too want their ears cleaned.

And what’s even stranger is, they seem to like it!

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