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You wouldn’t want to look poorly groomed in front of your cat, would you?

With their penchant for self-grooming, cats are often considered to be very clean animals. As such, you might find yourself feeling the need to be similarly well-groomed in front of your feline companion, and these headbands from online retailer Felissimo are here to help you do just that.

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The headbands are extra-wide, which has the functional benefit of easily keeping your hair back as you wash your face. Just as importantly, though, the broad strip of cloth serves as a base for a pair of adorable cat ears, helping to further establish solidarity with your pet.

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As with many of Felissimo’s cat-themed items, the headbands (officially called the Narikiri Nyanko Neko Mimi Mofu Mofu Hair Turban, ot “Fluffy Transform into a Kitty Cat-Eared Hair Turban”) come in a variety of patterns, with a different one shipped to purchasers each month. So yes, there’s an element of uncertainty here, but thankfully all five designs are of comparable cuteness.

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The headbands can be ordered here from Felissimo for 900 yen (US$8) each. Oh, and Felissimo will also be happy to supply you with kitty backpacks, gloves, and pullovers, if you happen to be looking to further expand your feline wardrobe

Source, images: Felissimo