Hedorah: King of the dust mops and more celebrate 50th anniversary of legendary kaiju’s debut

It can wipe out grime as easily as Hedorah wipes out people.

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Talking Attack on Titan anime character robot vacuum promises to clean your “shitty” room

Levi has never been one to mince words or tolerate dirt.

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Japanese chef’s curry cleanup kitchen hack means there’s no reason not to cook a pot right now

A simple solution to one of the only bad things about making curry.

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What’s the secret to Marie Kondo’s popularity in America? Our Japanese-language reporter wonders

With a new Netflix series streaming on both sides of the Pacific, our reporter ponders what America sees in Japan’s tidying-up master.

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Japanese soccer team receives worldwide praise for behavior at Asian Cup

Japan may have lost the match, but they got brownie points for something not related to athletic skill.

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Japanese professor says women should NOT marry a guy who promises to help with the housework

Sure, it sounds nice, but critics say the deeper meaning behind his choice of words spells trouble ahead.

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Shinkansen: “Seats can be quickly used as shields in the event of an attack”

A part of what makes Japan’s bullet trains’ service so great can also save lives.

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Seiji wants to invite his new girlfriend back to his place, but there’s just one problem…

Our writer dreams of playing video games with his newfound love in his apartment, but first he has to find it under all the garbage.

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“Death room” cleanup employee makes “beautiful” replicas of terrifying rooms people died alone in

This woman has seen some sh*t… literally.

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Mr. Sato uses his new hairstyle to clean the bathroom

Our reporter took one look at the top of his head in a mirror and knew what had to be done.

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Clever trick fights soy sauce stains, is a godsend for people clumsy with chopsticks 【Video】

Method involves no chemical cleaners, one household appliance.

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8 Reasons Japan is so clean: the wa of cleanliness

Japan must be one of the cleanest countries in the world. What’s behind it all? Find out what makes Japan so pika-pika!

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Chinese waiter takes table to the cleaners with blazing fast and fancy skills 【Video】

Who would have thought you could make cleaning look so cool? Well, this Chinese waiter has done exactly that with his impressive polishing talents.

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Short video looks at why Japanese students serve their own school lunches, clean their classrooms

Why pay a janitor to clean the school when it’s filled with lively little laborors?

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Check out the ninja-like table wiping skills on this Japanese waiter!

You’ve never seen table wiping like this before.

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Oddly satisfying: Sharpening master turns rusted blade back into brand new knife【Video】

The Japanese have a knack for doing things in such a way that are just satisfying to watch. Whether it’s traditional Japanese carpenters putting together pieces of wood perfectly or a grown man in a pink bunny suit bonding with rabbits, there’s no shortage of videos that make you feel like everything is right in the world.

And the next video to add to the list of things to make you go “ahh:” a Japanese knife-sharpening master turning a rusted kitchen knife into what could pass for a brand new tool. Prepare to feel like the air around you tastes a little sweeter as you watch the rust melt away with his delicate yet masterful technique.

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Say sayonara to the hideous water stains on your wooden table with this easy trick!

If you like it put a ring on it…unless it’s a water ring on a wooden table. We all know how ugly water stains look on wooden tables, and the worst part is, they’re a pain to remove! But thankfully, with this nifty trick, you’ll probably be able to remove those pesky water rings more easily than some of the rings you put on the people things you like.

Want to get rid of the water stains on your wooden surface? Read on!

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Cats try and help clean the shower – end up staying to play

When you are a pet owner, you know that sometimes your pets love you so much they follow you around wherever you go. The special bond you have makes the two of you absolutely inseparable, at least until your pet gets distracted and loses interest in whatever you’re doing. But when you actually need to get work done or clean the house, your furball does this magical thing where they have to be involved with the process too.

Well, today was clean the shower day for this cat owner, and you can guess where those furry guys decided to spend their time.

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Our Japanese reporter cleans his childhood room, finds all kinds of nostalgic treasures

Recently, our Japanese reporter Yoshio visited his parents’ house and decided to finally take a stab at tidying up his childhood room, which had been left untouched ever since he moved out. In the process, he was surprised to find many lost relics and treasures from his childhood, and became caught up in a wave of nostalgia for several hours. Needless to say, he didn’t get much cleaning done in the end…

If you’re the nostalgic type, perhaps you’d like to take a peek at the treasures that Yoshio dug up, some from over 20 years ago!

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Drain cleaners will hate us! Use this one crazy trick from Japan to get rid of sink slime!

Sometimes the titles just write themselves, don’t they? While this probably won’t actually infuriate any of the companies that manufacture drain cleaner, it is a pretty nifty trick for keeping your sink drain free of slime. Best of all, it’s easy and requires very little work on your part!

So, what’s the secret to keeping your drain free of that disgusting goo that inevitably forms no matter how many times you clean it?

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