left 4 dead japan arcade

As we announced earlier this month, Japan will get its own version of Left 4 Dead at four selected arcades beginning this weekend. However, the Square Enix and Valve collaboration will look a little different once Japanese gamers deposit their 100 yen coins into the machine. Although Left 4 Dead’s zombie apocalypse is still set in the United States, the undead exterminating main characters take the far less intimidating form of a schoolgirl, university student, bartender, and tour guide.

left 4 dead japan arcade

The main characters, shown above in the official artwork released by publisher Taito are (from left to right) Japanese university student, Yusuke Kudo, Japanese high school student, Hirose Haruka, American bartender and ex-marine, Jordan Blake, and half-Japanese, half-American tour guide, Sara Kirishima.

The characters who hail from Japan are said to be on vacation in the States, having gotten caught abroad while the zombie apocalypse broke out – bad timing.

Japanese gamers will be playing this altered version of Left 4 Dead: Survivors this weekend, but for those of you outside of Japan, check out the arcade game trailer here:

Source: Joystiq