While thoughts of the Roaring 20s typically conjure images of flappers and raucous parties, now it can also remind you of Super Mario Bros. Los Angeles jazz musicians, The Handy Dandy Boys, recently recorded a mean, jazzy version of the “Overworld BGM” theme from Super Mario Bros., complete with banjo plucking, a brass section, and a silent film-inspired, mustachioed music videothat will put a pep in your step.

Incidentally, if you’re hankering to add this cover to your record collection, it’s being released as a 7″ vinyl and digital download by Tokyo-based indie label Moga Records, which specializes in 20s-inspired tunes reimagined for the modern age.

mariohandyjacketThe album features artwork drawn by Ashura Benimaru Itoh, known for the comic adaptations ofStar Fox and Super Metroid serialized in Nintendo Power in the mid-90s. It will be available on July 4, along with a Japanese version of the 1930s jazz standard “Bye Bye Blues” by Janet Klein, who typically plays under the moniker “Janet Klein and her Parlor Boys,” two of whom (Randy Woltz, John Reynolds) make up the Handy Dandy Boys.

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