Minecraft has shown us time and time again that it’s much more than just a sandbox game made up of tiny blocks and flat-faced sheep. We’ve seen clever builders create everything from Super Mario Bros. gameplay to Japanese-language classes and even the entire country of Japan.

Today, we bring you something straight out of the world of Studio Ghibli: the floating city of Laputa from the animated film, Castle in the Sky.

The beautiful images of the floating city, created by adybuddy_, feature a variety of different angles in order to show off some impressive details.


▼ The view from beneath the city shows the amount of work that went into its circular construction. Not an easy feat when you’re working with nought but blocks.


▼ The roots, protruding below from the tree at the heart of the city, jut out at different angles to give the design some depth.


▼ Looking up into the tree reveals tiny, leaf-like patterns.


▼ The bark of the huge tree shows the finer points of the build.


▼ Even in the shade, there’s attention to detail in the walls and the flower-covered grass.


While the build itself includes an impressive number and variety of blocks, it’s the rendering of the images that truly brings the creation to life, giving it a movie-like quality.


▼ The contrast between bright sun and cool shade creates an atmosphere that makes us want to walk right into the screen and run barefoot through the green grass!


▼ Watch out for the monster! Or is that a Minecraft version of Laputa’s robot soldier?


▼ Renders by goCreative and Bramboss show us just how beautiful Minecraft creations can be.



Planet Minecraft users have been gushing over the floating castle by adybuddy_, with some saying it’s brought a tear to their eye and others saying it’s the best Minecraft version of the Ghibli castle ever made. To see more of his works, including the castle from the Disney movie Tangled and a creation inspired by the royal gardens of Versailles, be sure to check out his submissions on Planet Minecraft. Playing with bricks has never been more beautiful!

Source:Planet Minecraft/adybuddy_ h/t Kotaku US
Images: Planet Minecraft/adybuddy_