Super Mario Bros.

2021’s top stories in video game and Nintendo news【SoraNews24 Year in Review】

How to shut down anti-gaming haters, confusing fan art guidelines, an N64 personality test, and a Zelda arrest.

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Super Mario Bros. is actually a three-person co-op game, as long as you play it like this【Video】

No one needs to wait their turn to play as Luigi thanks to an epiphany about the Nintendo classic.

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Have a Super Mario Summer with Nintendo’s newest line of outdoor leisure products

Spruce up your at-home camping with these awesome Mario goods!

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Pre-orders now open on Amazon for new, amped-up Lego and Super Mario collaboration!【Video】

The collab that one-ups all collabs.

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Super Mario World 1-1 perfectly recreated, animation and all, in Japanese fan’s notebook【Vid】

”I drew Super Mario in my notebook” says amazing artist, but this isn’t any bored-in-class doodle.

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Super Mario is officially a plumber again, Nintendo says

Those Super Mario Odyssey royalty checks aren’t going to last forever, so it’s really about time the video game star rejoined the workforce.

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Japanese YouTuber covers the Super Mario Bros. theme… on four calculators【Video】

So, do you play any musical instruments? Yeah, I play calculators.

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Super Mario isn’t a plumber, Nintendo officially says

Like that summer in high school you spent flipping burgers at a fast food joint, Mario’s plumbing days are part of his past.

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Super Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto performs Mario theme with hip hop’s The Roots 【Video】

Legends of video game design and music team up for awesome live performance.

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Japanese commenters hypothesize the source of a Goomba’s Killer Touch

Is Mario a total wimp, or do Goombas have something hidden up their sleeves? Oh, wait…

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This ornate Super Mario Bros. watch can be yours for just, oh, US$27,000

This Romain Jerome watch with a classic pixelated Mario face is available for a limited time for Mario super fans with a lot of cash to blow.

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Hamster clears Mario level, earns maximum points for cuteness

Watch this clever hamster smash her way through the game, complete with an adorable detour down the pipe.

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Special edition UNO allows you to play with Mario and co. in a whole new way

When you’re trying to cut back on screen time but still need some Nintendo fun in your life.

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Parkour Mario and Luigi are back to tackle this Mario Maker course brought to life!【Video】

The Super Mario Bros. are back to jump, flip and spin their way through another real-life level.

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Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. appear as the gods of wind & thunder in new ukiyo-e woodblock print

Mario and Luigi appear in a new artwork that combines traditional Japanese art techniques with the modern-day video game world.

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Expand your Super Mario figure collection with enemy characters

Bandai’s S.H.Figuarts line has released several figures from the Super Mario video game series: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and important items from the games like pipes, blocks and coins. Its latest figures expand the collection with iconic enemy characters: a Hammer Bro, Lakitu and Spiny.

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Get a taste of the Mushroom Kingdom this New Year with a Super Mario Bros. themed bento box

At the beginning of October, most of us outside Japan are thinking about Halloween and Christmas. But inside Japan, something different is cooking. Now is the time that Japanese retailers start taking orders for osechi, a New Year’s bento box full of traditional and tasty Japanese foods.

But this year, one Japanese retailer has decided to put a spin-jump on things. They’re offering a Super Mario Bros.-themed osechi bento box to take your New Year’s Day dinner to a new level and impress all your family and friends. What’s inside this Bowser-sized box of goodies? Read on to find out!

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8 things we learned from Nintendo’s Q&A video with Shigeru Miyamoto 【Video】

Perhaps the best thing to come out of the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. is the all-new Super Mario Maker. Released just last week on September 11, the game aims to bring the original level-making tool used by programmers at Nintendo to all audiences.

Not only has the new release encouraged Shigeru Miyamoto, the mastermind behind Mario, to speak about how the beginning of the original NES game was created, it’s also given fans the opportunity to hear Miyamoto answer questions about the Mario world fans have been dying to know for 30 years.

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Super Mario Bros. creator explains how and why he designed World 1-1 of the 8-bit classic 【Video】

Ahead of the launch of Mario-themed level-building game Super Mario Maker, video game industry legend Shigeru Miyamoto sat down with veteran game designer Takashi Tezuka to take questions from journalists and show off its features.

Before leaping into the level creation proper, however, Miyamoto took a few minutes to talk about the creative process that is involved in building a Super Mario level, talking his audience through the steps he and his team took when creating the original Super Mario Bros., and explaining why World 1-1 of the game—for many their first ever brush with Mario on Nintendo’s 8-bit system—was built the way it is.

You’ve no doubt cleared this level countless times by now, but you may not have realised the hidden genius and careful planning that went into the positioning of every block, pipe, and pit of doom.

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Luigi hits the streets on a longboard, tries to best Mario again【Video】

Anyone who has spent a lengthy session playing Mario Kart will know what it’s like to start imagining elements of the game in their daily lives. Any time you’re controlling something with four wheels, you almost wish you had some in-game items to make the drive a little easier. Driving around and some jerk cuts you off? Red shell! Some idiot driving two feet from your rear end because he wants to go faster? Banana peel! Stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic and about to be late for work? Boom, Starman!

For this longboarder, he might not need special items to clear his way, but he certainly imagines his cruising life like a Mario Kart game as he battles his brother for speed supremacy.

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