There are so many 2-D girls out there with different hairstyles and colours, body shapes, and personalities, although they do all share the same big googly eyes. And apparently the sexiest of them all share something else in common too. Did your waifu make this list of the top 10 sexiest female anime characters?

Recently English media website The Richest listed the ’10 Sexiest Females of Japanese Anime’, according to one Western author. Nico Nico then picked this up to see what they could discover about the tastes of Western otaku.

The Japanese verdict? ‘They sure do like ‘well-padded’ women’. And taking a look down the list, we can’t really dispute that.

10. Chizuru Minamoto – Kanokon


This powerful, aggressive, and extremely busty kitsune (fox) demon isn’t afraid of showing her affection for the protagonist in public.

9. Yuzuriha Inori – Guilty Crown


Inori is soft and sweet, but determined. In contrast to her quiet and shy personality, her red costume is extremely revealing.

8. Yoko Littner – Gurren Lagann


A fighter in the resistance movement against the Beastmen, Yoko is mature and wise, and makes the welcome decision to wear barely any clothing since it restricts her movements in battle.

7. Rangiku Matsumoto – Bleach


The busty and easygoing Soul Reaper likes drinking and having a good time, and is very aware of her own voluptuous charm.

6. Nami – One Piece


Nami is a pirate navigator and skilled cartographer. She has a tiny waist and large assets which she doesn’t mind showing off in tiny bikini tops.

5. Saeko Busujima – High School of the Dead


My personal favourite on the list. She’s often seen in revealing outfits, her chest barely contained as she smashes zombies to bloody bloody pulps with her expert kendo skills. Not only is she strong and dangerous with a sword, but she’s also good at cooking and losing her clothes. Her calm, refined personality hides a darker side that comes out when she fights.

4. Tsumugi Kotobuki – K-On


While in Japan Mio Akiyama is the more popular band member, apparently foreigners prefer Mugi-chan’s kind, gentle and ladylike demeanor, along with her soft blonde hair and blue eyes.

3. Erza Scarlet – Fairy Tale


Ezra is an accomplished fighter, but to be honest most viewers are probably focused on her risque fighting outfits, which really don’t seem very practical. She might seem scary and quick to anger, but she’s a true friend. Her moe point is her unexpected weakness for cheesecakes and souffle, and her secret love of smutty novels.

2. Rias Gremory – High School DxD


A sexy pure-blooded Devil, Rias is blessed with a beautiful face and body, top grades, and a great personality. This flawless school idol has a tendency to wear sexy underwear when trying to seduce protagonist Issei. The scenes with her sleeping naked with Issei are sure to arouse more than just jealousy in Ria’s fanboys.


1. Boa Hancock – One Piece


Also known as the Snake Princess, Boa is 191cm (6’3″) tall with a 111cm (43.7 in) bust, 61cm (24 in) waist and 91cm (36 in) hips. Is this even possible? It’s anime, so of course it is! But it’s not all about her looks. The contrast between her aloof royal demeanor and her inner sensitivity and girlish love of the protagonist apparently appeal to fans as much as her out-of-this-world proportions.

Of course this list is just the opinion of one person, and there are sure to be many dissenting views. Who would you have as your number one 2-D lady? Let us know in the comments!

Source: The Richest, NicoNico News, Nizigami
Images: Anime Vice, Zerochan
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