If you don’t trust your friends with your valuables, this story might bolster your paranoia: two 20-year-old salary men were arrested yesterday in Kōbe for stealing a 15-year-old kid’s Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.

The alleged thieves visited their friend on February 18 and finding he wasn’t there, they made off with his card collection. They are suspected of stealing the cards for resale — the 320 cards have an estimated worth of 70,000 yen (~US$685).

The event is just one in a list of adults stealing anime, manga, and video game-related merchandise. A 32-year-old male construction worker pilfered a Nintendo 3DS system from a grade schooler in April, a Saitama police officer stole his coworker’s anime DVDs, and a man and two teens made off with a Dragon Ball Z vending machine in 2008.

Source: Kōbe Shinbun NEXT; Image from Chibi22

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