People from other countries may be surprised by the number of people using umbrellas on a sunny day in Japan. However, after experiencing the scorching summers in many urban centers across the land, it’s not surprising why so many carry their own shade.

Of course there’s the obvious UV protection reasons where people wish to avoid melanoma and maintain that deathly pale complexion that’s all the rage here. There’s also the simpler reason that the sun can be freaking intense during the dog days and shade is a rare commodity on city streets.

In fact it can be so powerful that even with your standard parasol, daylight can manage to creep in and threaten your well-being. That’s why someone developed the next level in umbrella technology with Rain or Shine Umbrella for Use at the Game. With a name that catchy, you know it’s gonna be good!

The shows us that the makers put more time and effort into the design than superfluous things like labels. “What design? It’s just a stupid parasol!” you say? Well, get a load of everything this bad boy can do.

 It can be adjusted to open at three sizes, each of which can be locked in with a zipper.

 It has a stylish dot pattern which is only interrupted by the sewn-in viewing window. This allows you to watch your favorite game in wet or sunny conditions without missing a second of the action – all while looking like a monster from Silent Hill 2.

 It cuts UV rays by over 99% and is big enough for two people when fully opened, which by my math would make it cut 198% of UV rays.

By now you’re probably saying to yourself, “Wow, that is indeed a multifunctional parasol! I can’t wait to buy one for myse–”

SHHH! I’m not finished yet! In the extremely rare event that a golden drop of sun could penetrate through the Rain or Shine Umbrella for Use at the Game, there’s also the classy Parasol Extension Curtain (sold separately), which says “yes, yes, yes” to cool breezes but “no” to evil UV rays.

Combine these two and just watch your vitamin D count plummet! Both the Rain or Shine Umbrella for Use at the Game and Parasol Extension Curtain are sold through the Belle Maison online shop for 2,990 yen (US$29) and 1,480 yen ($14) respectively, which makes the price 1,750 yen ($17) for both by my math.

My math gets me kicked out of a lot of stores.

Source: Belle Maison (Japanese)
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