Japanese cop smashes through window to arrest apparently high-on-meth driver in Osaka【Videos】

Doing donuts in central Japan’s biggest city is a sure-fire way to get the police to bring out their fists of fury.

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Anime Spirited Away finds a new way to be beautiful with gorgeous traditional hanafuda card set

The Studio Ghibli classic turns out to be a perfect motif for Japan’s centuries-old “flower cards.”

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Theory that men cannot beat women at Japanese karuta card game has Internet nodding in agreement

Tongue-in-cheek explanation says that men’s love of breasts means they don’t have the mental fortitude required to win in co-ed competition.

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“Manhole Cards,” Japan’s new collectible card game craze features artistic sewer covers

Gotta catch, er, flush ’em all!

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Donald Trump playing cards exist in Japan thanks to McDonald’s

The words “Donald Trump” are even printed in katakana at the top of the packet.

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You can be the pirate king! Put yourself in a One Piece New Year’s card online for free

Become part of the straw hat crew on your own awesome card.

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Japanese Twitter user snoops under brother’s bed, finds less yet far more than she bargained for

Hey! It’s perfectly normal for a young man to be interested in that sort of thing!

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How much would it cost to recreate Yugi’s Yu-Gi-Oh! deck?

Make a trip to the ATM, and depending on your balance you too might be able to outfit yourself like the hero of the anime and collectible card game.

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Every Yu-Gi-Oh! card ever, all in one place at awesome Tokyo train station display 【Photos】

Duelists and anime fans drawn to the sight of 7,000-plus gleaming, mint-condition collectible cards from the hit franchise.

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Police in China raise stakes on cybercrime with playing cards featuring wanted fugitives

Next time you play Go Fish, do it with 54 of Binyang’s most wanted.

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First-generation Japanese Pokémon trading cards to be reissued for the game’s 20th anniversary

Can you hear the excited squeals of 90s kids around the world!?

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Our Japanese reporter cleans his childhood room, finds all kinds of nostalgic treasures

Recently, our Japanese reporter Yoshio visited his parents’ house and decided to finally take a stab at tidying up his childhood room, which had been left untouched ever since he moved out. In the process, he was surprised to find many lost relics and treasures from his childhood, and became caught up in a wave of nostalgia for several hours. Needless to say, he didn’t get much cleaning done in the end…

If you’re the nostalgic type, perhaps you’d like to take a peek at the treasures that Yoshio dug up, some from over 20 years ago!

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Hand-stitched cards are leading the trend in Korea this Christmas

What comes to your mind at the mention of a handmade card? Something drawn, painted, or put together with some form of paper craft? The latest trend for handmade cards in Korea incorporates an entirely different kind of handicraft to create personalised designs – sewing! Check out these stitch message cards!

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Christmas cards are too mainstream, get your hands on these awesome anime-inspired cards!

It’s almost that time of the year! The time of the year that people who work for postal services probably dread the most. Tis’ the season for greeting cards, be it for Christmas or for the New Year. While electronic greetings have become a major trend, what with the wide range of social networking platforms we have access to nowadays, handwritten snail-mailed cards just pack that much more warmth and sincerity than mass sending a copy-and-paste kind of generic message to every friend, family member and I-don’t-remember-who-you-are on your contact list.

If you’re a manga or anime fan who likes to send cards with a touch that represents who you are, or if you know someone who would be thrilled to receive an anime-inspired greeting card, these awesome hand-crafted anime/manga-inspired cards would probably be your best bet!

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2 men arrested for stealing kid’s 320 Yu-Gi-Oh! cards

If you don’t trust your friends with your valuables, this story might bolster your paranoia: two 20-year-old salary men were arrested yesterday in Kōbe for stealing a 15-year-old kid’s Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.

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Nintendo celebrates its roots with traditional art of their most famous characters

With global phenomenon like the Mario and Pokemon franchises under their belts, it’s easy to forget about Nintendo’s humble beginnings as a producer of traditional Japanese playing cards. This year the company goes back to their roots in their 2014 company brochure with beautiful artwork that celebrates both the old and the new.

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The Leaf Letter: A Present Day Version of the Old-fashioned Messenger

Isn’t it heartwarming to get an occasional personal postcard?  In this day and age where electronic communication has taken the forefront to all else, a handwritten message can render a forgotten delight.

Leaf Letter is a mini-letter in the shape of a leaf, where a message can be written, then folded into an envelope so that all you have to do is address it, stick a stamp on it and it is ready to be mailed.  Read More