The rainy season has cometh! Spring was but a brief reprieve from the stinging cold of winter, and now Japan cowers beneath its umbrellas trying to escape the rain, knowing all too well that the humidity, however, cannot be escaped from.

It seems like the best way to chase away these rainy season blues is with a nice crisp beer, and RocketNews24 has a found a great place where you can do just that. It’s really close to our main offices in Tokyo, so sit back and plan your next happy hour, at Vector Beer!

Vector Beer is found in Shinjuku at the Shinjuku Hotel Park Inn. Don’t let the fancy hotel scare you away, though, because on the first floor is a really great craft beer bar, which combines reasonably priced beer with fantastic beef tongue.

▼Quite a delicacy in Japan, beef tongue is especially popular in Sendai. This is a delicious beef tongue and ham plate.


▼A lovely charcoal-grilled beef tongue


Menu items prominently feature their special ingredient, but there are also plenty of dishes like homemade ham cutlet and hearty soups that really go well with the beer. Food prices range from 380 yen to 980 yen (US$3.70-$9.60), and such low prices allow you to mix and match a whole array of beer and food to find the perfect mix for you!

Beers start at just 450 yen (about US$4.40), with about 10 different beers on tap every day! That’s the kind of variety that will push those rain clouds away! There are some pretty fantastic beers at Vector Beer from all over Japan. On the day we visited the bar, the beers featured included a Sanktgallen Brown Porter (from Kanagawa), a COEDO Ruri Pilsner (from Saitama) and a Tazawako Alt Pale Ale (from Akita).

▼Sanktgallen Brown Porter (from Kanagawa)


▼Outsider Pale Ale (from Yamanashi)


Tazawako Alt Pale Ale (from Akita)


If you get tired of beer, or if you are looking for something a little lighter, the bar also makes its own sangria. The fresh fruit taste and accompanying flavors really make you feel refreshed!


A good craft beer bar right in the heart of Tokyo is a pretty exciting find, and we here at RocketNews24 are ecstatic to share with you something so close by. Who knows, next time you try out Vector Beer, you might see your favorite RocketNews24 writers hanging out there too. Don’t be afraid to send us some kudos, and a beer.

▼Tripe Stew


▼Beef Tongue Rillette


▼Charcoal-Grilled Beef Tongue


Shop Details
Name: Vector Beer (Japanese only)
Address: Tokyo-fu, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku 1-36-5, Shinjuku Hotel Park Inn 1F
Hours: Monday – Friday, 5:00PM to 2:00AM, Saturday 5:00PM to 12:00AM
Holidays: Sundays and National Holidays

Photos: RocketNews24
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