Adventures in Morocco: Our Japanese language reporter orders a hamburger, gets a surprise

There was meat, there was bread, and there were fries, but it still wasn’t quite as expected.

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Fatburger opens in Tokyo, and we do battle for the throne with its huge 1.5-pound US Kingburger

After tasting defeat at Fatburger in America a year ago, we’re back for a rematch as the Los Angeles-based burger chain comes to Japan.

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Reserve a spot at Michelin award-winning Waranokura for an unforgettable udon experience

Our Japanese reporter investigates the Michelin-recommended udon restaurant and nabs one of their precious thirty meals per day.
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Female New York Sushi Chef makes amazing sushi that flies (or swims) in the face of gender roles

Oona Tempest is a world-class sushi chef whose cuisine could satisfy the palate of even the pickiest sushi connoisseurs.

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America’s Fatburger opens its first restaurant in Japan, promises extra-fatty burgers

Tokyo’s Shibuya neighborhood welcome the Los Angeles-based burger institution.

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Tokyo restaurant has all-you-can-drink sake and all-you-can-eat sushi, and all of our love

Located not far from the Tokyo Skytree, this might just be our favorite place on Earth.

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Brand-new Cardcaptor Sakura Cafe opens in Tokyo this week, with Kero-chan calling the shots

Magical girl anime mascot opens his own restaurant at the foot of the Tokyo Skytree.

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Cowboy Bebop anime themed cafe coming to Tokyo and Osaka next month

Okay, three, two, one let’s eat.

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Tokyo’s new Pizza Burger is a marvelous multitasking meal

Sometimes you really can have it all, Yotsuya burger specialist reminds us.

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Beautiful burger topped with a whole apple is one of trendy Tokyo’s best-looking sandwiches

Sure anyone can plonk an apple on a hamburger, but can they make it taste as sweet as it looks?

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Tokyo Hooters now offers rental work spaces, and they’re free for students

Service is perfect for mobile workers who don’t need to go to the office but do need to be around breasts.

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Beautiful cosplaying takoyaki chef is so talented it’s tearing eyes off her anime outfit【Video】

Blazing speed and precision of Osaka restaurant owner shows that even when she’s cosplaying, she’s still hard at work.
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Japan’s Sushiro revolving sushi chain stops revolving with conveyor-less food court branch

Ramen, draft beer, and sake also on the menu at branch that’s part of a trend of de-mobilizing sushi.

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World’s first permanent Pokémon Cafe opens in Tokyo, and SoraNews24 is at the table!【Pics】

Pikachu Plates, Eevee Burgers, solving the mystery of what’s inside Mimikyu’s costume, and a very, very special guest.

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Akihabara restaurant predates any anime TV series, is closing for good as neighborhood modernizes

As Tokyo’s otaku mecca continues to transform, a part of its past will fade away this month.

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Our Japanese-born reporter gets some culture shock at Mexico City’s most popular sushi chain

Part of the meal was just fine, while another was “amazingly bad.”

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Behold the future! If the Japanese space agency JAXA is right, it’s full of slime and tentacles

Even Mother Nature might be going gluten-free, and if she does takoyaki octopus balls will get even freakier.

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Californian bagel deli Wise Sons opens first international location in Tokyo!

The San Francisco-based deli is now offering its bagels, sandwiches and nourishing Jewish-American comfort food in the heart of Tokyo, and we visited them on opening day!  

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Tokyo restaurant’s mega pasta is so huge they’ll pay you US$455 if you can eat it all by yourself

If you’re hungry and quick enough, this eating challenge in Tokyo’s liveliest student neighborhood can make a tidy profit.

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Crazy-huge triple-decker wagyu hamburger steak will draw you to Akihabara even if you hate anime

Why eat nine Quarter Pounders when you can eat this instead?

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