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The World Cup, an event that brings thousands of people from all over the world together, has some beautiful moments – Neymar, of Team Brazil (who many are calling “the face of the World Cup”) busting into tears of pride at the climax of his nation’s anthem, Japanese fans cleaning their area after a losing game, and the always heartwarming tradition of exchanging jerseys after the match – to name a few.

But we’re not quite sure what to make of Ivan Rakitic of Croatia and Stephane M’Bia of Cameroon exchanging shorts after Wednesday night’s match. But we suppose we can count this as another one of those “beautiful moments.” After all, nothing says “good game, mate” like having your opponent’s ball sweat up in your nether regions. (Soccer ball sweat, you pervs!)

We know you’re dying to witness this touching moment of good sportsmanship, so here it is:

shorts exchange

Neither seem phased that their swap has resulted in them walking around in their undies, although Rakitic’s silky black bikini-style briefs are a lot more noticeable than M’Bia’s capri-style athletic undergarment.

But what’s really touching about this moment, despite their odd choice in clothing swap, is that despite Croatia’s blowout 4-0 win against Cameroon, these former Sevilla players took the time to share friendly words and brotherly pats on the back. This is what the World Cup is all about – two players, from completely different countries, uniting the entire world in agreement that swapping shorts is just a little bit icky.

Source: J Sports, Samurai Goal