Considering soccer is one sport Japanese athletes both male and female excel at compared to others, it’s easy to see why there’s so many fans of the Japan National and Women’s National Football Teams.

That’s why it may not be so surprising that after the men’s soccer team’s humiliating 0-4 defeat against Brazil last year, fans were feeling a little sour. But just how long do sports grudges last? Apparently quite awhile if you go by this picture of a certain popular Brazilian player that someone stuck in one of the urinals at the most-recent Tokyo Game Show.

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, commonly referred to as Neymar was the super player behind the four goals scored against Japan during the Brazil-Japan showdown almost a year ago on October 14.

Even though it was obvious from the match that Japan wasn’t in top condition, that didn’t stop some fans from harboring ill feelings over the loss, and it seems for some, even the women’s 4-0 table-turning win against Brazil this past June wasn’t able to quell last year’s disappointment.

One fan decided to release his pent-up frustration in a curious way, by sticking a plastic fan with Neymar’s face on it into a urinal at Tokyo Game Show. It appears most Japanese were too polite to pee on the offending player’s face, however, and instead one especially unimpressed attendee decided to snap a pic, tweeting:

“Because someone decided to put a fan with Neymar’s face on it into the urinal, nobody can use this urinal, even though there’s a long line for the bathroom.”


Both the status was eventually deleted, but not before it went viral on a number of social media sharing sites.

Japanese netizens had a lot to say in response:

“OMG Neymar lololololololol”
“I call foul play.”
“This is pretty vicious lololololol”
“The guy who did this was brave *gulp*”
“Do it if you dare!”
“Guess you’ll just have to pee on him lol”
“Poor Neymar(´・_・`)
“I don’t find this funny at all; what an embarrassment to Japan.”
“Maybe someone just dropped it (randomly)”

Even in this unfortunate predicament, some Japanese did their best to honor Neymar’s image by giving him a couple of cans of Monster as a peace-offering.

Source: Twitter/@ta_ando via Hamusoku
Feature/top image: Twitter/@ta_ando via Hamusoku