You can’t faze these Japanese netizens.

After Japan’s unexpected victory over Colombia in the FIFA World Cup soccer match, Japanese soccer fans were over the moon. Swarms of people in blue jerseys stormed the Shibuya Crossing in celebration of the triumphant 2-1 win on Tuesday night.

▼ Official post by the Samurai Blue Twitter account

Yet, with every tournament there will be winners, and there will be losers, and sometimes the losers don’t take it so well. One Colombian Twitter user aired his frustration on Twitter in response to the above post in a less-than-tasteful way.

The now-deleted Tweet included a picture of the Hiroshima bombing and its destructive aftermath, with the caption, “But you didn’t win here.” Understandably, many people from all over the world were quick to voice their disgust at such a hateful expression of frustration.

“That isn’t very fair. Do you all live with such disturbing thoughts and ideas?”
“This comment is really sad! It’s a shame that you are ruining the reputation of Colombian citizens.”
“Colombia’s team has a lot of strong players like James Rodriguez, and I really respect them. But I think comparing sports to serious events in history is really sad.”
“Please accept my apology from the bottom of my heart. I celebrate the fact that the Japanese won their match! This idiot doesn’t represent the majority of Colombians.”

But in a real show of maturity, many netizens were unfazed by the intended insult, and repaid bullying with kindness.

▼ “Let’s just be thankful that we can play soccer and that we get to watch soccer, and let’s just enjoy the World Cup!”

▼ Though we’re not sure why this commenter brings up Nagasaki…

Many Japanese soccer fans, still riding a high from their team’s win, weren’t offended at all; instead they took the opportunity to use some pretty funny photos to show that they don’t care what you say, they won the match either way, and they aren’t going to stop celebrating!

Others dug into their plentiful store of memes to respond in kind:

▼ The caption says, “Answer: Colombia”.

Although there were some savage clapbacks, such as “Aren’t you guys only famous for coffee?”, but most Japanese netizens were very tactful and forgiving.

“[In response to someone apologizing on behalf of Colombians] You don’t need to apologize. I think almost Japanese understand that all Colombian are not bad people. At least you are a good man. Good luck to the Colombian national football team!!”
“There are jerks everywhere. No need to criticize Colombian people.”
“Let them talk, let them talk! I’ll forgive anything right now.”
“Both sides fought hard with great exertion and sacrifice. This guy just doesn’t know it.”

One even decided to share pictures of Hiroshima, which is now a flourishing and beautiful place, to counteract the negative image of the atomic bomb:

Clearly, there are no hard feelings from Japan; after all, Japanese fans who attended the recent game were really impressed with the Colombian fans’ good sportsmanship, so I think it’s safe to say that Japanese-Colombian relations are still intact.

Source: Twitter/@joselulu20cr via Itai News
Featured image: Twitter/@joselulu20cr