baseball aliens

“Could there be life somewhere else in the universe?” The recent discovery of the Earth-sized planet (Kepler 186f) is about the same distance to its sun as the Earth is to ours. Is it possible that life does exist outside our planet?

A recent picture from Twitter only helps to increase our hopes while also dragging them away as the aliens are seemingly escorted from “America’s favorite pastime”.

The three aliens made their appearance at a baseball game this past Golden Week. While the extraterrestrials look very similar to the baddies in Ultraman, the crowd couldn’t help themselves from taking pictures.

Handling the pressure like celebrities, the three aliens enjoyed the game until the guards evidently decided that enough was enough. As many as three security guards for the game escorted the extraterrestrial trio from the stands, likely to some secret undercover agency’s research facility.

“For the rest of you, the answer you’re looking for lies right here…”

baseball aliens 2

A statement released later by stadium security identified each of the aliens.



Known for their aspirations to colonize earth, perhaps this particular Baltan was the forward scout in their colonization plans. Rumor has it their true size is 50 meters tall!

Alien Magma


A hostile alien race bent on destruction. They were responsible for destroying Nebula 77. Previous contact with an Alien Magma was made by Ultraseven.



An alien race that has the power to possess humans. Their first contact with humans was through abduction for the purposes of research.

▼Ultraman could not be reached for a comment.


Although all three have shown aggressive tendencies in the past, they just seem here to be casually watching a game of baseball. Support from Earthlings can be found on the internet.

“Is there a rule that says aliens are not allowed to watch baseball?”

“Isn’t that alien discrimination?”

As well as a few nastier comments like,

“Earthlings only!”

In all honesty though, details are pretty scarce for this particular case of “public disorder”. Very little is known about why security removed these three from their seats. Perhaps the baseball players were worried about being abducted themselves. No matter the case, we will try to keep you updated on this fantastic story, unless of course we are neuralyzied.

Source: Hamster Sokuho
Images: Twitter (@kataoka_k), Ultraman Wiki (Dada), Ultraman Wiki (Magma), Kaiju Addicts, Ultraman Wiki (Ultraman)