Japan’s weirdest gadget maker has a new fan just to dry off your legs (and crotch)【Photos】

Thanko has a plan to keep you cool and dry below the waist this summer.

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Turn your idol’s autograph into an accessory with this clever hack from Japan

A smart way to keep your favourite artist close to you at all times.

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Dedicated Dragon Ball fan breaks Guinness World Record, amasses over 10,000 collectibles【Video】

And beating the previous record by almost double.

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American fan meets his idol under the Shinjuku Godzilla, Mr. Sato apologizes for his photos

SoraNews24’s ace reporter Mr. Sato meets with another one of his international fans–an encounter that was a year in the making.

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Dragon Ball Super fan unleashes tirade of criticism against the series in viral video

These plot holes are so big it’s as if they were blasted open by a Kamehameha Wave!

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Fanmade “Pokémon Uranium” is a full-length Pokémon game available for free download now!

A new region, eight gyms, 150 new Pokémon, and the added Nuclear Type make for a completely new adventure.

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Panasonic releases crazy expensive, surprisingly beautiful rotating fan to match any tatami room

Looking for a classy way to stay cool this summer? If so, we have the perfect fan for you…but you’re going to need a very full bank account!

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Gotta sing ’em all: Devoted Pokémon fan makes personalized songs for 100 different Pokémon

Listen to the ballad for Bulbasaur, the ode to Eevee, and many, many more.

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Love Ghibli? Meet Kurosuke, the man who just might have the most amazing Ghibli collection in the world!

Needless to say, the magical animated works of Studio Ghibli have long enchanted fans around the world. But today, we’d like to introduce to you one very special Ghibli fan in particular.

Meet Kurosuke, who at first glance may not seem like an exceptional Ghibli enthusiast. In fact, we’d say he looks like an average 40-year-old man who happens to work as a production operator. But take one step inside his apartment, and you’ll immediately see that his home and the way he lives is far from ordinary. You see, his entire home is filled with countless Ghibli memorabilia, and what’s more, most of them are rare, not-for-sale items. RocketNews24 visited him for a personal interview, and of course, to see his amazing Ghibli collection!

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Seven examples of truly lame merchandise that even hardcore fans don’t want

For hardcore fans of a certain band or TV show, part of the fun is amassing a collection of tie-in products designed to meet your exact needs and interests. Nowhere does this ring true more than in Japan, where geeking out over a variety of goods relating to your most beloved anime or music group is basically all part and parcel of fandom.

But sometimes the companies who produce these products tends to go a little too far, attempting to dupe devoted fans out of their hard-earned cash in exchange for, well, a heap of junk. Read on to view seven of the worst offenders!

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【TBT】The Lowdown on Japan’s Cosplay Industry

These days, cosplay functions as a 40 billion yen (US$390 million) industry and has a large impact on Japan’s economy. Now, before moving on, please allow me to clarify that ‘cosplay’ to Japan does not only refer to people dressing up as anime and video game characters, but includes all manner of live action, Western, original characters, nurses, maids, and so on. Virtually any costume worn for fun is considered cosplay over here. So what kinds of special services are available to avid cosplayers in Japan? And how are cosplayers themselves making the most out of this bountiful, infinitely tolerant environment? Read More

Bring the beach to your room this summer with these cute new “fan accessories”

We don’t know you guys, but we’re already starting to wish summer only lasted a week or so, and have started spending most of our waking hours in close proximity to our desk fans so as not to melt in the heat and humidity.

Thankfully, though, we now have something to entertain us while we sit with our faces inches from the fan trying to resist the idiotic compulsion to jam pencils in it. Now on sale in Japan, these “fan accessories” let you transform your household appliance into a relaxing beach scene, with miniature gulls, ships, shark, surfers and more that attach to your fan via lengths of coloured card, wafting along in the cool, life-restoring breeze it creates.

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German fans dance across Shibuya scramble in post-World Cup match celebration

Following the first semifinal game of the World Cup, German football fans draped in black, red, and gold were seen celebrating in Japan’s busiest intersection, the Shibuya scramble crossing. And they sure had a lot to celebrate about.

The blowout match against Brazil saw seven goals scored by the German team, four of which came within six minutes. Most of the action took place nearest Brazil’s keeper who had to try and fend off the German forwards who were crossing the ball multiple times in front of the net as if the Brazilian defense wasn’t even there. So yes, their team through to the championship match, these German fans had every right to be celebrating and Japanese Twitter users were quick to upload their elated antics.

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We ask Arashi fans why the boy band is so popular… because we couldn’t figure it out ourselves

Arashi is a common Japanese word meaning “storm” but utter it to any Japanese person and images of the top male idol unit in the country will likely cross their minds before those of cloudy skies and overflowing gutters. Not a day goes by without Arashi appearing on some television show, and every album they release is pretty much guaranteed to hit number one.

However, the thing is… we don’t understand why they are so successful. Not to take anything away from Arashi as performers – they’re good looking chaps who have a sound easier to digest than a cup of warm yogurt. We just don’t get why they stand above all of the other boy bands on the scene in Japan who seem to be and do exactly the same thing. So, we sent our reporter P.K. Sunjun to interview Arashi fans and get to the bottom of the group’s appeal.

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10 types of baseball spectators in Korea

As you probably already know, the world is currently in the grip of World Cup fever, with almost every channel on TV and website riding the wave. For soccer (or football) fans, this might be the best time in four years, but for the non-fans who are instead getting annoyed by soccer highlights popping up on TV and flooding their Facebook timelines, here’s an article about baseball for a change!

Korean internet content giant Naver’s trend reporters show us the stereotypes of baseball spectators in Korea! What type of baseball fan are you?

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Viagra’s paper fans take a novel twist on advertising, rattle Japanese netizens

We mentioned a while back in our list of ways to keep cool that walking through the streets of Japan during summer will likely land you a paper fan emblazoned with some company’s message. These fans come in a variety of styles and quality, the cheapest perhaps being a circle of stiff paper with a hole for your thumb to go through as seen above. They’re not hugely effective but hey, any port in a storm, right?

Recently in a Japan, however, the image of a series of fans designed by Pfizer, the makers of Viagra, resurfaced on the net drawing mixed reviews from netizens.

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Vietnamese Arsenal fan quite literally chases his dreams, is welcomed onto team bus

To achieve your dreams, you have to really want it. You need drive, determination and, if this video is anything to go by, a good pair of legs.

Taken in Hanoi by a member of English Premier League football club Arsenal, the following video sees one young Vietnamese fan chasing after the team’s tour bus for some five miles, waving and pounding the badge emblazoned on his chest with such vigour that the team eventually decides to welcome him on board for a once-in-a-lifetime private autograph and photo session.

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Panasonic Unveils New Ultra Slim “Year-Round” Room Fan

Hot on the heels of Dyson with its bladeless electric fan technology, Japan’s Panasonic has unveiled its new low power “Slim Fan” for year-round use. And for a device designed primarily to shift air around the room, it’s pretty sexy.

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Stop! Don’t Pack Your Electric Fans Away Yet! Gravity-Defying Paper Plane Fun Awaits

Summer is nearly behind us. All across Japan, people are turning their air coolers down a touch, returning to sleeping with their feet under the blankets, and stopping to groan “it’s hoooot!” at co-workers a little less often.

But before you put those electric fans away, make sure you take a few minutes to put them to what is quite possibly the best use they’ll have all year: making paper planes magically float in mid-air. Read More

If you don’t live in Hokkaido, Japanese summers are hot and humid! A good way to stay cool, other than staying in a confined room where air-conditioned air is piped out from a room cooler, is to use a uchiwa. It only takes just a little muscle to keep a constant breeze and recently there are highly functional ones that will help send cool air your way!

Stainless Steel type, put it in the Freezer!

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