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Moms are the best, right? No matter how old you get, your mom will still be there to cook you a heartwarming meal and get your clothes clean like no one else can. But sometimes, your mom tries to “help” too much. Like this one who went through the trouble of washing her son’s dirty towels. But even though these towels are little too dirty to be seen in public, this mother decided to hang dry them outside for the neighbors (and Twitter users) to see. Oops!

The photo above was posted to Twitter a few days ago with the hashtag, “The moment when your mother’s kindness shows its fangs.” It’s uncertain if the mother was trying to humiliate her son on purpose or if she just innocently set the wash out to dry without realizing how embarrassing it might be.

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To us, the shocking sight of half-naked two-dimensional women hanging out to dry on the second story balcony conjures images of a mother who loves her son so dearly that she doesn’t even realize how weird it is to have not one, but four towels featuring scantily clad women…but that’s just the optimist in us. Maybe she knew exactly what she was doing and is happy that thousands of Twitter users and dozens of neighbors witnessed her son’s “dirty laundry.” Oh, mom!

Source: Togech