”Clear files” aren’t really clear, which is what makes this optical alteration possible.

The Japanese language has never been shy about taking English vocabulary and repurposing it for its own needs, but one of the odder examples is “clear file” (or “kuria fairu,” if you’re going by the corrupted Japanese pronunciation). Why? Because these thin plastic document holders are hardly ever clear.

“Clear files” are usually translucent, and generally covered with graphics of whatever anime, video game, or company they’re promoting, like with these clear files currently being handed out by Japanese convenience store chain Lawson celebrating the Kantai Collection/KanColle franchise.

Toranzurushiento fairu” would be an unwieldy mouthful in Japanese, though, and so they remain “clear files.” However, Japanese Twitter user @tamayan22, who recently scored a clear file featuring KanColle’s Yura, is keenly aware of their not-quite-transparent nature, and figured out a way to use that to deepen his appreciation of the file’s piece of character art.

Clear files, obviously, are meant to hold papers, and so @tamayan22 prepared a sheet with some bra-bound anime cleavage floating on a plain white field. His desire for a disembodied bust is puzzling until he slips the paper into the folder…


…and it transforms the character’s top into a see-through one, with the translucent plastic acting much like extra-sheer fabric would.

Like-minded fans reacted to the tweet by praising @tamayan22 as a genius, true artist, and, in one case, a god. Some even offered their sincere flattery through imitation, with this fellow Yura admirer using the pay-printer at the same convenience store where he got his clear file to print out the illustrated cleavage hard copy he needed.


For those looking to duplicate @tamayan22’s unique form of fan art, Lawson will be handing out the KanColle clear files, while supplies last, until February 18 to customers who purchase three items of participating Lotte-brand chocolate or candy. However, as is often the case in such promotional giveaways, the specific design you get seems to be random…

…so if you end up with this one, you’re probably best off just using the file for its originally intended, completely chaste purposes.

Source: Twitter/@tamayan22 via Otakomu. Lawson
Top image: SoraNews24
Insert images: SoraNews24, Lawson

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