Earlier this year South Korea’s largest matchmaking company decided to look abroad and ask the people of countries in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia about their romantic feelings towards Koreans.

The results, which were reported on 22 July, were certainly something to put a spring in the steps of the people of South Korea. A whopping 90 percent of respondents declared that they would like to have a romance with a Korean person. That is, unless the people of the ROK are as neurotic as I am and are wondering, “What’s up with that other 10 percent?”

Over March, the company conducted the survey with the participation of 1,147 men and women in foreign countries. In addition to asking whether or not they wanted a love affair with a Korean person, the survey inquired into why or why not.

For women, the number one reason for trying a Korean romance was an “interest in the culture and language of Korea” given by 27.4 percent of those who said yes. Other popular reasons were that Koreans “look like they have a strong sense of responsibility and hard work” and simply “because they look cool.”

On the men’s side the most popular reason to be interesting in a Korean fling was “because Korean women have beautiful faces” as said by 23.2 percent of guys. Runners-up were “I like their neediness of affection” and an “interest in the culture and language of Korea.”

And then we have the remaining 10 percent who boldly said to the Korean matchmaking company that they had no interest in a romance with their country’s people. The most popular reason for declining was actually a fairly understandable “the culture is just too different” said by 40 percent of those people.

Interestingly, the other popular reasons for not wanting to get involved with Korean people were double-edged swords. Similar to a popular reason women were open to Korean men, some others disliked the way “Koreans look way too serious” and “Koreans seem conservative.”

It just goes to show that your best quality for one potential mate, no matter what it is, may turn out to be a turn-off to the next.

Source: Yahoo! News Japan (Japanese)
Image: RocketNews24