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At Tokyo Disneyland, the park’s rides often get overshadowed by its other attractions. For many visitors, a day at The Happiest Place on Earth (in Japan) is more about catching parades, taking photos, or munching on the limited-time treats that are sold inside the gates.

With summer vacation just getting started, Tokyo Disneyland is rolling out a new batch of animation-inspired food, including desserts modeled after Toy Story’s Little Green Men.

Visitors to Tokyo Disneyland often remark on how closely the park’s layout resembles that of the original Disneyland in Anaheim. One clear signal that you’re not in California though comes at the Hungry Bear Restaurant, a cowboy-themed eatery that specializes in curry.

▼ We hear Wyatt Earp started every day with a big dish of Moghul masala.

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Starting this month, the 1,480-yen (US$14.65) Little Hungry Bear curry set comes with a Mickey-shaped souvenir plate that young diners can take home with them.

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Meanwhile, over in the Toontown section of the park, Huey, Dewey, and Louie’s Good Time Cafe has two new confectionaries styled after Disney’s leading mouse and his lady love.

▼ Maybe the three ducklings would have given the honor to their Uncle Donald if he didn’t yell at them so much.

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The restaurant claims that the lemon cream pie, shown on the left in the above photo, is a nod to Mickey’s favorite snack. We’re not sure we ever recall seeing an animated Mickey eat that particular dessert, but we’re not nearly enough of classic cartoon purists to argue the point, especially when letting it slide means more pie in the world.

On the other hand, Minnie’s strawberry chocolate chip muffin makes no pretenses about any kind of animated pedigree. It’s easy to see why, since adding two chocolate chip cookies to anything is more than enough justification for its existence. Like the lemon cream pie, the powered-up muffin goes for 350 yen.

Finally, if you think Disney’s acquisition of Pixar was the company’s smartest move since shoving Oswald the Lucky Rabbit out of the spotlight, there’re two new snacks based on the Little Green Men from Toy Story.

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Hard plastic character-shaped popcorn buckets are always big sellers at Tokyo Disneyland, and the trinocular alien version above can be yours for 2,100 yen (popcorn included).

Also new are the steamed buns. These are called man in Japanese, so maybe it was only a matter of time until someone thought to offer Little Green man. 880 yen gets you a set of three, one each filled with chocolate, custard, and strawberry cream.

The souvenir container is also part of the package, and between that, the popcorn bucket, and the Mickey curry plate, you’ve got the makings of a very unique set of dinnerware.

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