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When it comes to women, we have a pretty good idea of what Japanese netizens like. They like young shogi players, dancing streamers, and… women who use poop makeup? Sure, why not.

But what about Korean netizens? What do they like? According to search engine results in Korea, right now the number one most searched topic in Korea is Mina Fujii, a Japanese actress. Why is this Japanese actress the current hot topic in Korea? Read on to find out!

Mina Fujii is a 27-year-old Japanese actress who is currently the number one most-searched keyword in South Korea. She beat out the previous number-one spot holder Son Heung-min, the Korean soccer hero.

What makes Mina so popular? Well for starters she’s been in a bunch of Japanese shows, but her real claim to fame is her work in Korean movies and dramas. As a Japanese woman who can speak Korean, she’s constantly in demand for many different projects.

But Mina wasn’t raised in a bilingual household; she had to learn Korean herself. She first became interested in Korea when she watched the extremely popular Korean drama Winter Sonata and became determined to be able to watch without subtitles. By studying Korean in college and watching lots and lots of K-Dramas, she became fluent and burst onto the Korean drama scene in 2012.

Mina’s popularity has grown steadily since then until it recently exploded with her appearing on the cover of Korean Maxim Magazine.

▼ I hear they have some really great articles about her inside.

Of working in Korea, Mina has said that she appreciates how much more open people are about their feelings than in Japan. However, this can also lead to some awkward moments when her Korean coworkers are a little too honest and quick to point out when her skin looks less than perfect. In Japan, she says her coworkers would most likely just be silent and not say anything.

Which is exactly what we did when we looked at Mina’s photos in her Facebook gallery. Here’s a small sample of what all those Korean net users have been busy searching for:

▼ Can’t decide if this is more of the “mysterious girl look” or the “I’m tired of this date and want to go home look.”

▼ She’s really good at angling her face like that.

▼ …like, really good.

▼ Can I? I mean, Korea is kind of far away… aaand I’m already on a plane.

▼ Won’t someone help this poor woman whose plastic car broke down?!

▼ Fun fact: this pool was full of water, but Mina was so hot she evaporated it all.

▼ The classic “Why are you in my kitchen?” look.

▼ And she does charity work?!

▼ And she can play soccer?!

▼ And she can fit on one of those blocks?! This woman is something else.

Is your cursor suddenly heading toward the search bar to find more Mina Fujii? Have no fear, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the link to her Facebook page so you can join with the Korean netizens in some internationally cooperative clicking.

Source: Naver Matome
Featured/top image: Facebook (FansOfMinaFujii) (1, 2)