On 15 July, Tohoku University sent eviction notices to all 105 residents of Meizenryo, a student-governed dormitory in Sendai. The school claims that the students violated their “promise to abstain from alcohol.”

Although asking a building full of college students not to drink is like asking a building full of tigers not to scratch the furniture, the school is taking a hardline stance of incredulousness at their behavior. Nevertheless, students are appealing saying that not everyone in the dorm drinks and some should be allowed to stay.

According to Professor Odanaka, a representative of Tohoku University, the problem began back in April when a large number of empty beer cans were found in the dorm and there had been reports of intoxicated vomiting in the common areas. He says that since then the situation has shown “no improvement” leading to the current eviction notices.

The dormitory houses first and second year students most of whom are under the legal drinking age. However, the school feels that there is a longstanding atmosphere of “this is a place to drink” in Meizenryo which is placing peer pressure on students who wouldn’t normally want alcohol.

Meanwhile, Meizenryo committee chairman Shunto Kaneko flatly denies the university’s claims and says that the situation has gotten better. “The university is trying to wipe out an outdated image of widespread drinking with brute force,” he said.

Kaneko requested to discuss the issue with the university further and try to prevent students who didn’t drink from getting kicked out, but Odanaka declined saying, “The decision has been made. It will not be overturned.” The students have until 30 September to move out and the school has offered to help by mediating with other dorms in the city.

Here’s where the plot thickens. After all of the students move out, the university plans to renovate Meizenryo and update its facilities by installing western style toilets among other things. Could this all just be a ploy to get the kids out so the school can update and then charge more for residency at Meizenryo?

As illustrated in documentaries such as Revenge of the Nerds and Animal House, higher education is not beyond such trickery. There comes a time in every undergraduate’s academic career where they must band together with their peers and overthrow the draconian administration to preserve their temporary lodgings.

If these historical events are anything to go by, the only solution to this dilemma is a panty raid, followed by a musical montage of the students cleaning up their dorm rooms, and topped off with a heartfelt speech by Mr. Kaneko in front of the entire school on what the dorm means to him, which melts the cold hearts of the board of trustees and saves all residents of Meizenryo dormitory.

Then a huge celebration erupts as Boston’s More than a Feeling plays in the background. During the song Kimochi Warui Ken pukes in Professor Odanaka’s prized azaleas causing the defeated educator to clutch his hair in both fists and shout “MeeeEEEEiiiizenryooooooo!”

Source: Yahoo! Japan News (Japanese)
Image: Google Maps