That old Internet meme about stupid business plans that goes something like, “1) _____, 2) ???, 3) Profit!” can now apparently be applied to dumb revenge schemes, as a Vietnamese man, who, after becoming so incredibly furious at his wife that he simply had to do something to get revenge, put together this brilliant scheme: 1) cut off own penis, 2) ???, 3) SATISFACTION!!!!

The world may never know exactly what was going through the man’s head when he made the fateful and, unfortunately, irreversible decision, but you do have to admire his guts in a weird way. Not only did he endure the pain and probably immediate, soul crushing regret of cutting his member off in the first place, he even followed through by throwing it in a river, practically guaranteeing it would never be recovered in time to reattach it.

What’s even more unfortunate for the poor dude is that he managed to cut off around two-thirds of the penis, and doctors apparently told him the remainder will never again be useful for anything more than urinating.

We hope he’s at least satisfied that he proved whatever point it was that he was trying to make, but something tells us that’s not especially likely…

Source: Tuoitrenews
Photos: Wikimedia Commons