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If there’s one thing women are probably consistently jealous of men about, it’s the fact that a girl often feels that she has to go through a whole morning ritual that can last 20 minutes to an hour or two before they feel comfortable showing their faces in public, whereas guys can just hop out of bed, put on some pants (probably the same ones as the day before) and stroll out the door in 30 seconds flat if need be, and no one would be any the wiser.

But, if this Japanese dude is any indication, the fellas may have been doing it wrong the whole time and, just maybe, all that hard work on women’s part is worth the trouble after all. Here are some before/after photos of cosplaying Twitter user Chyaraizumi with and without women’s makeup on:


So it looks like there may have been something behind this whole putting-on-makeup-in-the-morning thing besides just shrewd marketing by cosmetics companies!

The guy seems to transform before our very eyes from “dude you wouldn’t want to ride alone in an elevator with” to “Disney prince” in what appears to be 30 minutes or so, all through the power of makeup. Now it’s just a matter of convincing the rest of the male world that makeup can actually be a good thing, and there might be a lot of money in this untapped market.

If you’re wondering about the Japanese above Chyaraizumi’s photos, he’s describing his morning routine on date days: 1) Take a bath, 2) Fix bed head, 3) Put on makeup, 4) Put in color contacts. I think I should probably give this a try sometime, considering I usually only make it halfway through step one on any given day.

If you still have your doubts about the magic of makeup, here’s a slightly more extreme cosplay Chyaraizumi put together, apparently in no time flat:


Source: Byoukan Sunday