Most of us have probably heard of the weird questions people get at top-paying tech companies like Google, Apple, Facebook and, whatever, Chia Pet or something. You know what we’re talking about: “How many toilets do you think are in San Francisco?,” “If you were a pizza delivery man, how would you benefit from scissors?,” “Why is a tennis ball fuzzy?,” and, of course, “Why did you sleep with my sister and did you really think you’d get away with it?” (Just me?)

But we bet the last place you’d probably expect to get one of these abstract, no-right-answer kind of logic puzzle questions would be, say, an interview for a part-time job flipping burgers at McDonald’s, right?


At least at McDonald’s Japan, there’s one very important question you will be asked at your interview, and the wrong answer apparently means an immediate end to the interview and an on-the-spot rejection.

Bringing us this insider information is Twitter user @painapou, who – rejected from their burger flipping dream job – sought vengeance in sharing the until-now top secret question:

“At my interview for a part-time job at McDonald’s, they asked me: ‘What kind of place do you think McDonald’s is?’ When I answered, ‘It’s a place where people eat hamburgers,’ the interviewer gave me a super serious face and said, ‘It’s a place where people are raised.’ They immediately finished the interview and told me I hadn’t got the job.”

We could have easily changed the translation a little and said, “It’s a place where people grow,” but we thought, as far as jokes go, that might have been low hanging fruit.

Anyway, for anybody interested in working part-time at McD’s Japan, remember: when you’re asked this fateful question, try to answer with something a little deeper than the most obvious thing that comes immediately to your mind.

Source: My Game News Flash
Photo: Wikimedia Commons