The immortal beauty will appear in haunted attraction next month.

A haunted house attraction in Odaiba is welcoming a sinister new resident. The “Daiba Madokeri School” haunted house will add Junji Ito‘s Tomie and the mangaka’s other deadly characters starting on January 11. The attraction is collaborating with the Junji Ito “Collection” anime that will premiere on January 5.

The Daiba Madokeri School claims that it was shut down 40 years ago after the primary school fell under a curse. Only the brave will venture inside and discover Tomie in the school’s garden. Visitors will also get a balloon modeled after the floating heads from Ito’s “Hanging Blimp” short story.

The dark-haired beauty becomes a femme fatale after she is gruesomely murdered by her classmates on a field trip. Each participant takes a piece of Tomie’s body and hides it, only to find her insatiable spirit returns to exact revenge again and again.

If Tokyo is too far travel, fans need not worry. Tomie will move on from the Odaiba location to the haunted house’s sister school in Nagoya in the future. The locations previously held collaborations with the Hell Girl: Fourth Twilight anime earlier this year.

The Junji Ito “Collection” anime will include two episodes dedicated to Tomie, but only as home video exclusives. Viz Media released the author’s entire collection of Tomie stories as a deluxe, hardcover omnibus last year.

Source: Comic Natalie
Top image: YouTube/台場怪奇学校

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