With all the recent rumors about Studio Ghibli possibly shutting down or being bought out by another media company – which, thankfully, turned out to be a hoax – we’ve  been taking a lot of time out to take stock of what it is that makes Studio Ghibli and studio founder Hayao Miyazaki so special.

Certainly, Miyazaki’s films are at least a cut or two above other critically acclaimed anime films and are far and away higher in both visual and narrative quality than most of the anime you’ll see on TV.

But one Japanese Twitter user with a copy of Photoshop thought most anime does at least one thing better than Ghibli: anime hair.


Twitter user Himeyuri apparently took one look at the gnarly haircut of Haku from Spirited Away, cringed in terror at the half-bowlcut, half-mullet do and decided to make some of his/her own revisions to the masterwork film. Luckily, said repairs went over a lot better than that Jesus painting:

It’s not uncommon for Haku to make lists of “hottest anime guys” despite his poor choice of barber, but we think Himeyuri is definitely on to something here. Haku looks way better with his new J-Pop idol hair and we’re looking forward to this kicking off a new Internet meme. Something needs to be done with this Ghibli guy’s crazy mop too:


Source: Kininaru Sokuhou
Photos: Twitter, Fanpop