Minor characters get a starring role in this huge new collection.

For some Studio Ghibli fans, the lesser known characters are often more sought after than the popular ones, with their relatively short screen time making them even more elusive and special.

Now there’s a chance for us to get better acquainted with these fleeting faces, thanks to a new Spirited Away collection that covers a whopping 20 characters from the movie.

The entire lineup contains the following characters, listed left to right, top to bottom in the images below.

Rin, Sen, Haku, No Face, Kamaji, Soot Sprite, Yubaba, Boh (in mouse form) and Haedori.

River Spirit, Haku (in dragon form), Kasuga-sama, Ootori-sama, No Face (Big Mouth), Oshira-sama

Pig, Chihiro, Boh, Yu-Bird, Aogaeru, Kashira

This cast of anime characters isn’t just for show — they’re designed for human interaction, because they’re actually finger puppets.

Pop them on your finger and you can create your own magical storylines and encounters between individuals and spirits that may have never crossed paths otherwise.

The collection is vast and includes the two personas of the central character, showing her in her initial role as Chihiro and as bathhouse employee Sen (front, right and second from right, respectively, in the image below).

▼ With so many characters at your fingertips, you can easily recreate moments from the movie…

▼ …and Haku and Sen can live happily ever after in your room.

Interestingly, the all-important pig finally gets to enjoy the spotlight after being overlooked in the studio’s other bathhouse world collection.

The 20-piece finger puppet set is available exclusively at the Donguri Kyowakoku online store, priced at 9,990 yen (US$70.20). It’s a truly extensive collection that covers pretty much every character in the film, but if you’re lamenting the absence of the Dosojin statue, this self-righting Spirited Away doll collection has what you’re looking for!

Source, images: Donguri Kyowakoku
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