When Japan’s Yahoo! Shopping introduced their 15-year anniversary sale with the promise of ‘50% off’, people were of course looking forward to getting their hands on some half-price bargains. However, the products on offer turned out to be nothing like anyone was expecting…

When eager shoppers clicked through to the campaign site, what they actually saw was a half-naked man introducing the ‘50% off suit’. It’s half the suit for the same price! See how much more stylish you could be with 50% less suit?!


And as if that wasn’t enough, there’s also the foldable bike that lacks a saddle or a rear wheel. But what it does have is a front wheel and handlebars!


Then there’s the hose-only vacuum cleaner, the latest in home electronics that require no electricity!


One-armed sports bras, strap-less watches, a bag without a bottom, and half a matcha cheesecake are also on offer. And would you believe it, some net users have even voiced interest in seriously purchasing these products!

Sadly, that dashing 50%-off suit and half a cheesecake are already sold out. However, all the other featured items all appear to be in stock, so we can assume that they are available to buy should anyone be so inclined.

This bizarre ad campaign has been brought to us by web contents creation company Burg Hamburg Burg who specialize in funny and eccentric content, and it’s definitely done its job of getting people talking. However, in case you think that getting 50% less for the same price sounds like a rotten deal, there’s also a genuine sale going on where you’re sure to find some real bargains.

 ▼ Who could say no to a guy who turned up at your door in this?


Source: Yahoo! ShoppingFukushimbun Online
Images: Yahoo! Shopping