As we’ve seen before, many beaches across Japan are in dire need of a clean-up. It’s a major problem that requires a lot of time and effort to remedy. Of course it’s at times like these that we usually look to the adult entertainment industry for solutions.

Sure enough, like the social crusaders they are, the major masturbation aid brand Tenga has stepped up and is cooperating with environmental group Umi Sakura on the Umi Sakura Over-18 Trash Pick-Up.

The reason this event is restricted to adults is that for every bag of trash collected, volunteers are rewarded with a free Tenga pleasure device.

The event will be held on 27 September starting at 2:15pm at the entrance to the Enoshima Bridge in Japan’s Kanagawa Prefecture. Participants will have 90 minutes to collect as much garbage from the shores as possible. The first bag they collect will net them a free Tenga Egg, a sort of ribbed “sheathe” that, we hear, feels most agreeable to gentlemen. Every additional bag after that will earn the collector a Pocket Tenga,

Participants will also be issued a specially designed Tenga-themed trash bag, which has completely ruined how I will see seahorses forever.

Although it sounds like simply a goofy project at first… actually, it really is simply a goofy project for the most part, there is a noble cause behind it. We often see students taking part in cleaning events like this, but the reality is that most litter comes from adults. The purpose of the Over 18 Trash Pick-Up is to encourage adults – and adults only – to take responsibility for their own polluting ways.

Even if you aren’t interested in the saucy freebies, why not head down and help to clean up the shores of Enoshima on the 27th and enjoy the scenery anyway? If you’re not interested in the rewards, you can always donate your unused Tengas to RocketNews24, where one of our needy souls will put them to good use. It’s like two charities in one!

Source: Umi Sakura via Netlab (Japanese)
Images: Amazon 1, 2