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Halloween is now less than two months away, so it’s time to start planning your costume. There are a wealth of options to choose from, of course, but this year we probably wouldn’t recommend going as Anna or Elsa from Frozen. Not because they aren’t awesome, but because we’re fairly certain that no one will be able to compete with the awesomeness of these hand-crafted costumes.

We’ve seen fans make some pretty amazing things in the past, but this very well might take the royal cake.

▼Nope, that’s not CGI! Here’s Anna’s dress in real life.

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While well-made cosplay costumes are always a treat to marvel at, there’s something particularly special about these Frozen dresses that leave us all wishing we could be princesses. Especially Mr. Sato.

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Designed using a ton of trial-and-error, these dresses were made and will be worn by two women who could be best described as massive fans of Tokyo Disneyland’s Halloween Parade. Their shared Twitter account even carries this description: “This is the account of two women who spend all year thinking about and working hard on costumes for Tokyo Disneyland’s Halloween Parade.” To say they put more effort into their costumes that most people put into their jobs might an understatement.

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Both of the dresses were made by Yuu, who is the one in the Elsa costume at the top, though Chiharu, the one in the Anna costume, mentions that she chose the fabric to be used. In addition to making extensive reference to the film and illustration books, Chiharu revealed on their blog that they also did research on traditional Norwegian clothing in order to get a more authentic look.

▼And here’s Elsa’s dress!

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While it doesn’t appear that either of these dresses sparkle with magic, they are exceptionally beautiful. But that’s actually not a surprise–these two have apparently been making costumes for Tokyo Disneyland’s Halloween Parade for years. It also turns out that the seamstress, Yuu, studied clothing design in university and works in a dress shop, so we don’t feel so bad about buying out costumes at Don Quixote.

▼Yeah, we’d just spend all day staring in the mirror too.

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But despite the clear advantages that Yuu had in making these costumes, there’s no questioning her dedication or the amazing results. The dress designer apparently even bought a special machine to complete the embroidery!

If you’re in Tokyo and want to catch a glimpse of the pair in real life, you may have a chance on Monday, when the Tokyo Disneyland Halloween Parade officially kicks off.

▼They might end up putting a few of the official princesses out of work, too…

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▼Chiharu and Yuu possibly laughing about having already won Halloween.

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Now, we just need to find out if Yuu will come over and do our Halloween costumes. We’re hoping she can turn our pile of dirty laundry into something from Sharknado

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Images: Ameblo, Twitter