It’s been months of events and marketing in the making, and Halloween has finally arrived in Japan. Our own Mr. Sato and P.K. Sanjun decided to hit the streets of Shibuya in costume to  report on the festivities at hand.

Well actually, they went a day early, but as we’ll soon see, October 31st ain’t nothing but an ordinal number assigned to anachronistically named month, because in Japan, Halloween comes whenever you want it to.

Last year, Mr. Sato and P.K. went out as pear-mascots inspired by the famous Funassyi yurukyara. Of course, choosing the same costume two years in a row lacks artistic integrity. On the other hand, they still had gallons of yellow paint at their disposal. That, combined with the large amount of blue bubble wrap that just happened to be lying around, could mean only one thing: Marge Simpson.

Sure the dresses weren’t exactly Simpsons canon and the pair made the bold choice of painting pupils on top of their eyes, giving them a trippy double eye look, but we’ll be damned if they didn’t pull it off.

With our Marges suited up, it was time to head down to Shibuya and check in on the action. Mr. Sato first went to the editor to request a Uber car to take them there.

“Excuse me, could we…” began Mr. Sato.

“What are you supposed to be one of those ‘rocky horror shows’ or something?” asked the editor with his eyes locked on an intense Spider Solitaire game.

Mr. Sato replied, “No, We’re Mar…”

The editor then threw a handful of 10-yen coins at their feet. “Whatever, here’s some train fare. Shut up and get out of here.” he said eyes still fixated on his monitor and made a shooing gesture at them with his hand.

And so, it was time to ride the rails.

Mr. Sato silently stared at P.K. on the train and noticed that his make-up was beginning to peel under the chin giving him a somewhat reptilian appearance. “Should I tell him?” thought Mr. Sato, “Naw, that would just bum him out.”

By the time they exited Shibuya Station, Mr. Sato had really taken to his Marge Simpson character. He was walking through the station with all the grace of a young Jackie O. PK on the other hand carried himself with the poise of a young Dennis Rodman coming off the court.

The guys were growing anxious, knowing that it was actually the night before Halloween. Sure enough, when they hit the famous Shibuya intersection at about 7:00 p.m. they were the only ones in costume. That alone would have made them stick out but the extremely bright yellow paint and yard of blue bubble wrap on their heads really sealed the deal.

However, rather than running in terror at P.K.’s cracking face and Mr. Sato’s all-too-form-fitting dress, everyone pulled out their cameras and asked to have their pictures taken with the pair.

But, as the night went on, bit by bit, people in costume began appearing in the streets too.

And as flakes from the face of P.K. continued to fall onto his dress, they even bumped into the rest of the Simpson family.

But the highlight of the night came when a quartet of pretty girls approached our reporters screaming and waving. Our reporters were initially frightened, but calmed down after realizing it wasn’t the usual pepper spray or court orders that girls like that usually wave at them.

Glancing over at the gullet of PK who at this point looked just like an iguana, Mr. Sato thought to himself, “Wow cute girls like these actually want to talk to a couple of old farts like us?! Halloween is awesome.”

It was indeed a fortuitous Halloween party and a sign that the actual holiday would be even more of a happening in the streets of Shibuya. However, with all of the make-up completely fallen off the throat of P.K. it was time to call it a day.

Merry Halloween to all, and to all a good night!

Photos: RocketNews24
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