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It’s been over seven months since Disney’s Frozen was released here, but love for the hit animated film still seems to be going strong in Japan. Walk into a bookstore around here, and you’re more than likely to find several different Frozen picture or music books, and you can bet that many kids in Japan will be dressing up as Elsa and Anna for Halloween this Friday. Well, it seems the world of pastries here is no exception. Major Japanese confection maker Cozy Corner has announced that they will soon be coming out with lovely offerings inspired by the movie, and yes, we’re thrilled, because these are exactly the kind of goodies we love — delightful to look at and delectably sweet to taste!

Of course, the treats look more than attractive enough even without the movie connection, but judging from the pictures, Frozen fans should really enjoy these beautiful creations. In the picture below we have the Petit Gateau Frozen Collection, a set of nine mini-cakes based on characters from the movie including Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Sven, presented in various flavors such as chocolate tart, soda jelly and matcha green tea cake. If the cakes look somewhat familiar, then that may be because the folks at Cozy Corner were also responsible for the stunning collection of Disney villain-themed mini-cakes we introduced earlier this month, and once again, the delicate design and bright colors make the cakes worthy of being called edible works of art. Oh, and the beautifully illustrated box the collection comes in is just one more added bonus!

 ▼The Petit Gateau Frozen Collection priced at 2,000 yen (US$18.50) — you’ll have a hard time deciding which cake you want to have!cozy petit 2

And the mini-cake set isn’t all they’re offering either. Yes, there’s more blissful sweetness that Frozen fans can choose from!

▼The “White Pudding” made in Elsa’s image costs 270 yen ($2.50) and is made from a creamy milk-based baked pudding topped with a cream and sauce in a ramune flavor,  a sweet traditional Japanese soda drink.cozy white pudding

▼ They also have an Anna version, the “Caramel Pudding” (also 270 yen) made with a caramel-based pudding with a topping of caramel sauce and whipped cream.

cozy caramel pudding

▼There’s also the “Frozen Box of Assorted Sweets” that contains 4 cheese-flavored madeleines and chocolate filled marshmallows each for 600 yen ($5.55). The shape of the box is designed in the image of a snow flake!cozy assort box

▼And lastly, we have the “Frozen Gift Tin Box” containing 13 pieces in total of cheese-flavored madeleines, chocolate filled marshmallows, pistacchio-flavored cookies and white chocolate crunch balls, priced at 1,200 yen ($11.10). Again, the artwork on the box is gorgeous and would make this a great gift item.cozy gift tin

The Frozen sweets will be sold at Cozy Corner shops across Japan from November 1 to December 16, just in time for winter to set in. Hopefully, you’ll be able to enjoy the treats in a warm room, and not in the freezing winter cold — maybe even while watching Frozen on Blu-Ray. Now that’s certainly one way we’d love to spend a winter afternoon!

Source: PRTimes (Japanese) via ITmedia (Japanese)
Photos: PRTimes